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Inside the Warp6 Framework


Let's kick off our Warp6 blog post series in which we take a closer look at the overall framework structure and how everything fits together. This first post shows the basic file concept of the Warp theme framework and how to use it. If you don't know Warp6 yet take a look at the announcement. Okay, let's start!

The Framework

The Warp6 theme framework is the next step in evolution succeding our version 5.5 released in August 2010. Like its predecessor, Warp6 is a lightweight framework which provides a solid tool set for solving repetitive tasks creating themes. The Warp6 framework has HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP helper classes to cover all aspects in theme development. It's really portable since all framework related files are kept in a single place, a folder called "warp". This folder resides directly in every theme. There are no dependencies on other components or plugins. Nothing needs to be installed or maintained separately.

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Warp6 - Engage!

We are proud to announce our new theme framework

Warp6 - Engage!

Surprise! We are very proud to announce our next generation theme framework: Warp6! Over the last 6 months we worked hard on it and put all our efforts into making it the state of the art theme framework. Often people think that theme frameworks are overdone with a lot of bloated code and too much features which slow the site down. Be relieved, Warp6 is quite the opposite! It's created from developers perspective - simplified, no magic, just a great toolset to develop cross-platform themes. We believe that Warp6 is the fastest and slickest theme framework to date. For us everything is done the way it should be.

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Joomla 1.6, here we come!

Our latest 19 Joomla templates are ready for Joomla 1.6, Just try them out!

Joomla 1.6, here we come!

In 2010 we closely followed the development of the next major Joomla release: Joomla 1.6. After 15 betas and one Release Candidate the stable version Joomla 1.6.0 was released on the 11. January 2011. Joomla 1.6 introduces some anticipated features like better user access control management and nested categories for structuring your content. You can read on "What's new in Joomla 1.6" for a detailed list of all the changes and enhancements of Joomla 1.6. A lot of developers already started testing and evaluating Joomla 1.6 for their future website projects. Thats why we received a lot of tweets and emails from you guys, asking for Joomla 1.6 compatible templates. We hear you and this post is for everyone who is excited to run our templates with the new major version of the Joomla CMS!

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Warp, ZOO and jQuery

jQuery is our new default JavaScript library for ZOO and the Warp framework!


Today we got some exciting news for all the JavaScript junkies out there. We changed the default JavaScript library of our Warp 5.5 based templates and our ZOO extension to jQuery. Yep, you heard right ;-) All our old MooTools based JavaScripts are completely rewritten for jQuery and all Warp based templates and the ZOO make use of it. You may ask why did this happen? Well, here is the story!

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WordPress club launch

We ♥ WordPress - Bringing our YOOtheme Designs to WordPress

WordPress club launch

WordPress is a kick-ass blog tool and publishing platform and we were constantly being asked if we ever release our YOOtheme templates for WordPress... And today we are happy to announce the addition of WordPress themes to our template design collection. WordPress is the most popular open source blogging tool on the web and is being used by millions of people everyday. WordPress has evolved from a blogging solution to a nice and easy to use content management system. With the latest major version 3.0 some cool new API features were introduced including the Custom Menus.

A WordPress website offers a great solution for various purposes and can even be extended with thousands of available plugins. Because of it's simplicity WordPress is sometimes just what you need instead of using a more complex content management system like Joomla! or Drupal. Now with our collection of WordPress themes you can use YOOtheme designs on your WordPress website!

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Interview about Warp 5.5

In this interview we give a quick peek inside the Warp 5.5 theme framework


Last week we were asked some questions about our new Warp 5.5 theme framework. This was a part of the research done by Team EaSE for their Joomla! Template Tools Part Three article which is published in the latest Joomla! community magazine issue. We don't want to hold back this interview so everybody can enjoy reading! Here we go:

Why is a framework needed for template development after all?

Each time when you are developing a template you usually deal with the same things, for example you use a certain folder structure to organize your PHP, CSS and Javascript files or you rely on features like layouts, compression and caching. And because you dont want start from scratch coding all these features all over again and again, you better use a framework to provide you with a structure how to organize your template files and also a rich toolset to solve your common problems. That way you take your time and focus on the more important individual parts of your template design.

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New Warp 5.5 framework

We updated 20 templates to our brand new Warp 5.5 theme framework

New Warp 5.5 framework

Over the last couple of months we developed the new Warp 5.5 theme framework which is the new foundation of all our YOOtheme templates. In this time we have rewritten the complete Warp theme framework to make it more modular, flexible and also extendible. Currently all Warp 5 templates are updated and six more will follow in the next days so all our templates since 2009 run on the new framework. This means 20 templates will use Warp 5.5! In this article we want to highlight some of the key features of our new Warp 5.5 theme framework. Enjoy!

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Goodbye IE6!

YOOtheme will drop IE6 support for upcoming templates and extensions on January 1st 2010

Goodbye IE6!

As many of you may know, all our current YOOtheme template and extension releases are compatible and tested with the Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). Since this browser was originally released in 2001 and does not support the latest web standards and technologies compared to modern browsers which offer a rich support for HTML5, CSS2 or CSS3. Not to mention all the IE6 quirks and bugs which were sadly never fixed (Well we guess, every web developer knows what we are talking about ;-).

Since it's release in 2001, Microsoft realized that the IE6 was not the greatest piece of software they have ever written. So after about 5 year's of development on the 18. October 2006 they released IE6 successor Internet Explorer 7.

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Google loves YOO

Warp5 is a very search engine friendly template framework for Joomla


Optimizing your website to easily get found by search engines and make it as accessible as possible is what makes the difference between an average website and a good one. When we gave the Warp framework its last layout makeover, one of our major goals while widening its flexibility was to achieve the best search engine friendliness possible. That's when we came up with introducing our new 2-1-3 column ordering.

2-1-3 column ordering means that in the HTML structure the Joomla component (which contains your most relevant content) gets rendered first, and then the left and right columns. The order of the columns displayed on the screen does not have anything to do with the order if the DIVs in the HTML structure. This is currently the most modern and search engine friendliest approach that is around. The image to the right shows the columns as displayed in Warp-based templates, the code to the left it is the HTML structure (simplified) that we use to create this layout:

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