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ZOO 2.3 stable released


ZOO 2.3 stable released

Today we are excited to announce that ZOO 2.3 has gone stable! A big thank you to all of our BETA testers! ZOO 2.3 is now available to the public for free. The new release is all about migrating from MooTools to jQuery. But there are lots of bugfixes and other improvements to explore.

ZOO 2.3 does NOT depend on the MTupgrade plugin anymore and you will have less JavaScripts conflicts. We had to exchange the syntax highlighter in the documentation app. Please read here for the new syntax.

Grab your own copy of ZOO 2.3 and take it for a spin.

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Warp, ZOO and jQuery

jQuery is our new default JavaScript library for ZOO and the Warp framework!


Today we got some exciting news for all the JavaScript junkies out there. We changed the default JavaScript library of our Warp 5.5 based templates and our ZOO extension to jQuery. Yep, you heard right ;-) All our old MooTools based JavaScripts are completely rewritten for jQuery and all Warp based templates and the ZOO make use of it. You may ask why did this happen? Well, here is the story!

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ZOO 2.2 final released

Stable public release with speed improvements, native MooTools 1.2 and sh404SEF support

ZOO 2.2 final released

Today we are really excited to announce the release of the stable version ZOO 2.2! A big thank you to all of our BETA testers! ZOO 2.2 is now available to the public for free. The new release is all about bringing the ZOO up to date, with the current Mootools version. But there is more, we really focused on bringing you speed improvements. The new ZOO performs way faster in many occasions. You can read about it in more detail in our last blog post.

We also feature a sh404SEF plugin now, which enables you to customize your SEO links more freely.

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ZOO 2.2 BETA released

This BETA release comes with native MooTools 1.2 support and speed improvements

ZOO 2.2 BETA released

Today we cheerful announce the release of our ZOO 2.2 BETA. As promised this came after a very short development period. This post will mainly focus on the new features and capabilities that come along with using MooTools 1.2. We'll also look at some of the performance upgrades that are included with the new ZOO 2.2 BETA release.

We have also updated the ZOO to the Stable 2.1.2 version. It includes quite a few bugfixes.

Please give us a feedback and tell us what you think!

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ZOO 2.1 final released

stable version with frontend submission is available for the public

ZOO 2.1 final released

Today we are really exited to announce the release of the stable version ZOO 2.1! A big thank you to all of our BETA testers! ZOO 2.1 is now available to the public for free. The new release is all about the most wanted feature for ZOO: Frontend Submission! But there is more, a long list of new features awaits to attract your attention. This blog post will walk you through the new features. This helps you to explore all the new things we've implemented in ZOO 2.1. Take a break and enjoy the read:

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ZOO 2.1 Frontend Submission


Today we are really exited to announce the BETA release of ZOO 2.1! The release comes with the most anticipated feature for ZOO: Frontend Submission! But it is not just another frontend submission. We really tried to raise the bar and take frontend submission to the next level in design, usability, simplicity and flexibility.

In this blog we put together a comprehensive walkthrough of all the new features. This helps you to explore all the new things we implemented in ZOO 2.1. Take some time, get yourself a coffee and enjoy reading :-) Here we go:

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New ZOO template released

ZOO 2.0.3 maintenance release includes the new

New ZOO template released

Today we released a new minor ZOO version 2.0.3. In addition to the bugfixes we updated our blog app and added an additional template called "Sans". The new template is based on the default blog template and besides some small improvements it uses a sans-serif typeface for the headlines. We created this template to make our blog app fit a wider range of websites that use a sans-serif typeface. So with this new template you can easily change the style of your blog, without changing any of the css styles. Read more about the other improvements and update ZOO today.

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Tools for ZOO 2.0

We converted the famous YOOtools for ZOO 2.0!

Tools for ZOO 2.0

Today we are pretty excited to share some great news on ZOO 2.0. While the ZOO download statistics are still steeply rising (they surpassed 20.000 downloads) we finished the first minor update: ZOO 2.0.1! Besides several bugfixes we have a big surprise: All YOOtools are now converted to work with ZOO 2.0! We also developed a new Category Module that let's you easily create linked lists to ZOO categories. Read on to learn more about all the great features...

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ZOO 2.0 app bundle

Get a sneek peek of all apps in our new ZOO 2.0 video tour!


A couple of weeks ago we released the ZOO 2.0 BETA. Today we have great news for all of you: ZOO 2.0 has hit "Release Candidate" status. So you guys won't have to wait that much longer for the free public release! At the same time we are happy to announce the app bundle for all ZOO members. Apps are small ZOO extensions which are developed for a specific purpose like a blog, a product catalog or a download archive. Each app has its own template, own types, own configuration and much more. All of them can be used out of the box and can be customized very easily.

ZOO 2.0 will come with two, free preinstalled apps. The pages and the blog app. Both are ready to use after the installation of the ZOO 2.0. All types, elements and layouts of the apps are predefined, you can start using them right away. No configuring needed. Of course you can customize them, if you want to. Additionally we will offer an exclusive app bundle which can be purchased and is not included with free ZOO 2.0 download. All current ZOO Pro customers will get this app bundle for free. The app bundle includes the following apps: Product Catalog, Download Archive, Business Directory, Movie Database, Cookbook and Documentation.

Now! Check out our exclusive preview of our video tour through the ZOO 2.0. In the video you will get a sneak peek at all the new apps! The new ZOO website, the documentation and the free download will be available with the stable release. Read on to get a quick overview of all the apps and their features.

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