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ZOO 2.0 BETA2 released!

ZOO Members can download the new BETA2 in the download section.


We have listened to your feedback, made quite a few changes and are now proud to present the BETA2 release of the ZOO 2.0. There are not only bugfixes in the new release. We have also included a bunch of improvements and new modules. As with the last release, you can head over to the download section, grab your own copy and take it for a spin.

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ZOO 2.0 BETA released!


A few seconds ago, we have released one of the most anticipated extensions for Joomla: ZOO 2.0 BETA! Check out the festive teaser on the ZOO website. The ZOO 2.0 BETA is available only for members who purchased ZOO 1.0 PRO. If so you can go straight to the download section in the member area and get your hands on our new baby! As finish of our blog post series here is a list of all features of the new ZOO 2.0. There is so much cool stuff in ZOO 2.0 that there might be some features missing in this list but we think we got all the major ones!

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Native comments for ZOO 2.0


This is our sixth article from our blog post series about the new ZOO 2.0 release. If you didn’t read the latest posts here you go: the ZOO 2.0 announcement, the new app concept, the usability improvements, all the new elements and frequently asked questions.

This time we are very proud to present the brand new, native comment system of ZOO 2.0. There is already some information about the great user interface of the comment system to be found in the usability article.

Why a native comment system?

Yes, it’s a legitimate question. A year ago we would have answered this question with: “It’s not really necessary. There are great web services like IntenseDebate or Disqus.” A year later we introduce our own comment system for ZOO. What happened? On our own YOOtheme blog we use a third party comment service. In the beginning everything worked out well but before long we discovered some anomalies. On blog posts with lots of comments some disappeared for no reason. Some of them resurfaced later on and some didn't. In another incident comments from one article were swapped with comments from another article. To make a long story short: these comment services are nice and easy to setup but a native comment system definitively gives you more control over your comments. A major benefit of a third party comment system is that you'll only need one user account to comment on any blog that uses this system. But with the upcoming of Twitter, Facebook, Google and OpenID many users already have a central user profile with an avatar. Therefore if your comment system allows you to login and comment with your social network account, it would be as great a benefit as the third party comment solution. Another plus for a native comment system is that the comments are searchable. Actually the development of a native comment solution isn't a 5 minute task. It would deserve to be an independent extension of its own. We decided to couple our native solution with Zoo 2.0 and rather focus on simplicity and usability.

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ZOO 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions


In the comments of our latest blog posts and on Twitter, we recently noticed some questions about ZOO 2.0 that were being asked more than others. There seems to be a lot of confusion if some demanded features will make it into ZOO 2.0 or not. Our latest posts are about the new architecture of ZOO 2.0 and all new features we developed. But of course we want to answers all your questions and clarify the features of ZOO 2.0.

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ZOO 2.0 Element Updates


In this blog post about the new ZOO 2.0 we are taking a closer look at a fundamental part of the ZOO: The elements! For the new ZOO we reworked the entire elements architecture to make them more flexible and easier to use. And of course we added a bunch of new ones to extend the possibilities of what can be done with ZOO.

Repeat Functionality

New Elements for ZOO 2.0 - The Repeat Functionality

One of the things bothering us when creating content with ZOO 1.0 is the fact that if you have several paragraphs, for example in your article, you still have to code HTML in the textarea element. Wouldn't it be nice if the textarea was repeatable and you'd have one for each paragraph? The text paragraphs should be automatically separated by the needed HTML code. For example if you are creating a new item and you need a second text you simply click on repeat and a new textarea is injected into your item. We implemented this fantastic feature in ZOO 2.0 for the textarea and text element and also for some new ones. We took this idea a little further: if you can have multiple textareas, why not get rid of the way Joomla! handles the "System Readmore" break. It certainly feels better to have two independent textareas instead of some ominous code break in one textarea. Reduced complexity.

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ZOO 2.0 Usability


In our last two posts we presented a brief overview about what’s coming with the new ZOO 2.0 and gave a quick peek inside the new app concept. In this post we're going to take a closer look at the new user interface of the ZOO administration area and all the usability features we included. Here we go...

Global Parameters

ZOO 2.0 Usability Improvements - Global Parameters

We like the global parameters concept in Joomla but it lacks on usability when you don’t use select boxes. So we improved it by using a checkbox to set whether you are using the global parameter or a specific parameter. If "global" is checked the parameter is hidden. If you uncheck it the parameter form will slide in with a nice Javascript effect. This gives you a much cleaner user interface for the global parameters.

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The ZOO 2.0 App Concept


A couple of days ago we announced our brand new ZOO 2.0 extension and we are really excited about it! Today we want to show you the most important part of your new ZOO architecture: the apps!

One of the biggest goals for us during the development was to move from a catalog system to an application builder. The CCK feature from ZOO 1.0 already allows us to create content specific types to fit exactly your requirements. But on the other side everything in ZOO 1.0 was a catalog with the same parameters and content fields. We didn't like that concept that each catalog has the same properties and settings. For example a blog, a product catalog or a download archive aren't the same and have different requirements. So the next step was to allow catalogs to have their own properties, settings and workflows and to be a real content application. With ZOO 2.0 we did this step and it is not a catalog system with a CCK anymore. ZOO 2.0 is a content application engine that lets you create your own apps!

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Announcing ZOO 2.0

Announcing ZOO 2.0

Today we are really excited to announce one of the most anticipated extensions for Joomla: ZOO 2.0! Yes, we know some of you waited quite a while for this announcement. This is the start of a blog post series about the new ZOO 2.0. Today we want to give you some insight into the ZOO development and changes in the upcoming version.

Actually the new ZOO release was planned for summer 2009. We had some cool features implemented like “drag ’n drop” element positions to improve templating and the overall usability. The project codename was ZOO 1.1. But as always we had some new ideas and we did a brainstorming about how we could add essential improvements to the software architecture to make it more future proof. We didn’t like the old concept that everything is a so called "catalog". For example a blog isn’t necessarily a typical catalog and may have other features and workflows than a product catalog. And a business directory may have again different requirements. It was great that we already had a CCK which allows to build content items that meet exactly your requirements. The next big thing for us was to transform this idea and make it possible to build your own content applications which have their own parameters, workflows and features instead of having a super catalog, which has hundreds of parameters and options to cover everything. So we started the ZOO 1.5 development in late summer to move from a CCK to a Content Application Builder.

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ZOO event in retrospect

Take a look at all the pictures and the video we created of our ZOO presentation.


Today we want to give a brief roundup on our ZOO presentation at Hagenbeck ZOO's Tropical Aquarium on May 27th, 2009. We know that it has already been five weeks since we had this great event but it took us some time to look through all the pictures, create the video and prepare this blog post.

First of all, thanks everyone for coming. We were almost 40 people in the Huge Shark Atoll, and we think it was a very nice evening with a stunning atmosphere. The presentation was divided into three parts. The first one was held by Annabel, talking about the architecture and the different application purposes of the ZOO. Then, Janine talked about everything you can do in the backend of the ZOO, creating catalogs, categories, types and items. After Janine's presentation, Sven showed what you can do with templates and overrides, how to render elements and what the different views are for. He also showed in which folders you can find all the files needed to create templates and what all of those files do, basically everything you need to know to be able to create your own templates. After the presentation, Steffan gave a lookout on which features are going to be implemented in the next ZOO versions. We will do a blog post about the upcoming features of ZOO 1.1 in the next weeks. Finally we had individual conversations about Joomla, the ZOO, YOOtheme and the daily work we all do as web developers, of which some were very inspiring.

We recorded the whole event and created a short video for all who could not participate. Don't forget to continue reading to see all the images. Enjoy the video impressions:

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Last chance to join the ZOO presentation

Meet the YOOtheme developers in Hamburg, Germany at Hagenbeck ZOO on May 27th, 2009


Hi there, we want to remind you that on the 27th of May we are going to present our ZOO component at the Huge Shark Atoll of the Hagebeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany. If you want to participate, drop us a line within the next two days as we will only accept registrations until the 20th of May. The entry is free. You can find more information on the previous blog post.

  • Date: Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
  • Time: 19:00 (Central European Summer Time)
  • Location: Hagenbeck ZOO, Tropical Aquarium
  • Address: Lokstedter Grenzstraße 2, Hamburg, Germany
  • Email registration is required until May 20th, 2009
  • The presentation and discussion will be held in German language

See you on the 27th!

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