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Subway Theme

May 2012 YOOtheme club theme

Subway Theme

Get on board and check our new Subway theme! It brings you a modern boxed layout with a broad range of options for customization. You can choose from various color and transparency options. Explore many beautiful designed details like fresh typography, icons, CSS animations and animated backgrounds. Also this theme brings you some nice custom features: Two new Widgetkit styles for the Slideshow and the Gallery are included. Their design seamlessly fits into the theme. Also notice the fixed social toolbar, which appears if you hover the icon to the right of your browser window. You can use this theme with Joomla or WordPress and it is based on the Warp6 theme framework which uses modern web technologies like HTML5 markup, CSS3 features and jQuery based JavaScripts.

  • Available for Joomla and WordPress
  • 13 style/color variations available
  • 11 backgrounds and 2 animated backgrounds included
  • 3 background textures combinable with each background
  • Choose from 11 fonts
  • 2 module styles combinable with 4 colors, 4 badges and 6 icons
  • All Warp framework features are available

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By Steffan | | Posted in Themes

Comments (70)

  • russianblue


    | Profile |
    Excellent, now this one I like. Practical, elegant and eminently useable.
  • blue


    | Profile |
    Very cool to have taken the 'Metro' style and converted it in to a site template. My only grudge is that the Zoo Apps continue to use their one styling, rather than inheriting the style from the selected theme. But still, it's a nice concept.
    • pim.kamphuis


      | Profile |
      I Agree, the native article style is beautiful, too bad it isn't used for the ZOO BLOG app!
      • martin.chrimes


        | Profile |
        Can't you just set the Zoo template to Warp6 and then it inherits the main tempate style? That's what I have done and it looks similar. Only thing is I can't get the arrow at the bottom instead of 'continue reading'.
        • pim.kamphuis


          | Profile |
          That's exactly the problem; zoo (BLOG) items are not seperated by a transparent bar with comments balloon and read more arrow.
        • pim.kamphuis


          | Profile |
          And the date doesn't appear left next to the item. Maybe an update of ZOO will fix.
        • sascha


          | Profile |
          We updated Subway. Now the ZOO blog app looks much better :-) Take a look http://bit.ly/Klooad
  • joon2008


    | Profile |
    YES! Thank you Yootheme!
    Yoo guys are awesome! :)
    Don't get caught in the "Hate Wave" this time :)
  • idaa


    | Profile |
    Really nice, but... not responsive.
  • rlpartida


    | Profile |
    Amazing theme!!!
  • ezat.bajbouj


    | Profile |
    this is what I am looking for...
    I knew you are great and doing the best.
    Thank you
  • yootam


    | Profile |
    Magnifique !! The best one !! Great job !! Féliicitations :)
  • greg.van


    | Profile |
    I love the new template! Yet another Yoo Theme masterpiece!!!
  • orsat.munitic


    | Profile |
    Well, it's good many like the new theme...
    I was hoping and expecting more...
  • aksel


    | Profile |
    Really nice :)

    Now just waiting for you to make your themes responsive so I don't have to purchase themes elsewhere for my clients ;)
  • magicspon


    | Profile |
    superb... probably my favorite theme ever... good work
  • aksel


    | Profile |
    Might wanna do something with the color on your #respond h3 tag.. not very readable depending on what's going on in the background / where one's scrolled :P
  • george.anderson


    | Profile |
    I think it's a really good theme. I'll be tweaking it over the next few days - Thanks !!!
  • baggeler


    | Profile |
    Good work guys...
    Nice you reallly listened to the user reactions...
    • lucio.dattaro


      | Profile |
      I agree with baggeler, this theme is usable for various professional web sites, allows useful module / background / typhography sets. Thank you for taking advantage of our feedbacks.
  • ian.macolive


    | Profile |
    This is a very similar feel to the up and coming windows 8. Very nice them though :)
  • luis.hernan.carrasco.barrera


    | Profile |
    very beauty!
    good work, many thanks!
  • shaun.biggs


    | Profile |
    yootheme you guys have done a great job this month!! keep on bringing out fresh templates like this and I will definitely be renewing my developer subscription ;-)
  • raihan.jamil


    Thank YOO! It looks nice. I really think one can use this specifically for a personal site.

    We need YOO to design customized templates for specific markets if possible. Let's say, YOO give us a Restaurant template in June, and a Photography template in July, etc.

  • raihan.jamil


    I am sorry but I am not sure how to identify these:

    "Two new Widgetkit styles for the Slideshow and the Gallery are included."

    Please let me know.
    • greenparrot


      | Profile |

      Took me a bit of time but found them;
      on home page
      Gallery is above weather in sidebar-b position
      Slideshow is in innerbottom with my music, my movies...

      • raihan.jamil


        Thank you Roy! I sincerely appreciate the feedback. I thought we could already do those things with the existing Widgetkit options we had. But guess not.

        Thank you again.
  • daniel.riegger


    | Profile |
    Very nice template!
    It would be great if you could use the normal style of the posts for the blog. The style of the blog just does not fit the template.
  • jeremy.corkin


    | Profile |
    I really like the new template. Nice and clean and fresh style.
    My only concern is the scrolling, it seems really stuttery on the yootheme site and on my local install. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm using Chrome.

    Otherwise great work!
    • jeremy.corkin


      | Profile |
      I forgot to say the scrolling is quite a bit worse with the background street.
      • ben.carter.84


        | Profile |
        I love this template!

        The Scrolling is a bit crappy?

        Hopefully an update around the corner...
  • huzaifa.darbar


    | Profile |
    Excellent theme, this is wht im looking for!!
  • bruntt


    | Profile |
    Loving it.
  • martin.chrimes


    | Profile |
    Like it. Very Windows 8 Metro Interface!
    • drjonz


      | Profile |
      Agreed. In fact, it's far better looking than native Metro!
      • steven.weijdt


        | Profile |
        I was just thinking about it. Someone should make a windows 8 theme. But of course YOOtheme would be one of the first to be actually making it. Well done!
  • daniel.beauregard.61


    | Profile |
    It's very Windows mobile / Windows Metro and I like it. With a bit of imagination you could build something really unique and innovative with this. Grat job Yoo IMHO.
  • riaz.budree


    | Profile |
    +1 for responsive layout.
    +100 :)

    I like the similarity to windows, looks like I will have made it with Orchard CMS
  • victorhtorres


    | Profile |
    Nice work :)
  • nepol


    | Profile |
    And YOOTheme is rising again, nice comeback
  • joe.bastulli


    | Profile |
    Very nice! Looks great.......
  • enes.ertugrul


    | Profile |
    I really love this month's template... Thanks for your great job!
  • stephen.cappo


    | Profile |
    Great template. This "Metro" style is very popular in my neighborhood. I live near Redmond, WA and everybody loves Metro. Thank you!
  • ieqshop


    | Profile |
    Wow. nice one. I love it. Thanks.
  • iloveyoo


    | Profile |
    Great work on this theme. Windows 8 theme meets Joomla.
    This is a great layout and want to say thanks. Your last month template copped a battering, good comeback.
    By the way, can you bring back Air Template and revamp, now that was your best template.
  • felipe.zubieta


    | Profile |
  • rob.molenaar


    | Profile |
    I really love this template.
    Well done Yootheme!
  • jakob.gede


    | Profile |
    a master of his trade
  • manfred.sulzmann.14


    | Profile |
    WOW, great template. There's only one problem with Safari when scrolling - can they make an update?
  • pcxpress


    | Profile |
    GREAT Yootheme. I searched a long time for a Metro 8 Template.
    Thanks for the great work :-)
  • pamolade


    | Profile |
    Nice! Best template this year!
  • frederic.domain


    | Profile |
    Magnifique template.
    Very useful, fresh, modern !
    Yoo're the best, thanks from France :)
  • richard.stephenson


    | Profile |
    This theme is like a great reply to my feature request ticket!

    Thank you!

    I would be really nice to have the option to have the zoo and widgetkit styles tie in a bit stronger (great job with the zoo blog last month, not so strong this month)
  • mmediacorp


    | Profile |
    Now this is a nice one. Maybe some tweaking needed, of course, to make it unique for particular site, but still, very sweet!

    There's a lot of potential for customization, and the article look, feel and layout is very slick. Not a fan of the overwhelming blue, but that's just one color theme. I would say that Yoo guys should make the font colors a little more readable, not just this one but on several, like Big Easy. Too little contrast, making us have to go in and lighten the font color.

    But that's just a small gripe. Yoo are still my guys. Yoo rock!
  • mark.reynolds


    | Profile |
    Nice. Particularly love the 'Animated Blue' background, although I wouldn't be able to read a page for longer than a few seconds! Nice inspiration from Windows Metro!
  • christos.kiritsis


    | Profile |
    Great job.. Welcome back to the creative design. This template stands out from the rest of this year, because of the numerous module/background variations and its innovative design.

    Thats what the most of us (site developers) need. A template that got many options to choose from (backgrounds+module variations etc.) and its not just a white page with some font color changes.

    Thank you.
  • kopacko


    | Profile |
    Why is template news not the lead item and small compared to icons?
  • peter.daalmeer


    | Profile |
    Great template, this is usefull!
  • schmallegger


    | Profile |
    its definitely the best and most versatile template so far! Good job!
  • solidsnake231


    | Profile |
    It looks so much like Window 8 hahaha but very nice
  • lincoln.quick


    | Profile |
    Amazing template! Thank you very much for designing a template inspired by the Windows 8 "Modern" UI...I've been looking for one for a while now!

    Very glad I got a membership here!
  • sara.conserva


    | Profile |
    I love this template but I am displeased by the poor support till now. My issue is reported here and waiting and waiting since 23rd April for 3 days.
  • chris.franks


    | Profile |
    How do I make the slideshow look like the one on the demo on the innerbottom with my music etc, I cant seem to find the option to make the slideshow transparent??

    Or do I need to use Zoo?

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