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Widgetkit 2.6 released

New Instagram content provider, new grid parallax effect and much more

Widgetkit 2.6 released

Today's Widgetkit release brings a content provider for Instagram, a new Grid Parallax effect, a new HTML editor and improvements in various other areas.


You can now choose any Instagram account as a source for the content of a widget. Fetch your recent photos automatically and display them inside a Slideshow, a Grid or any other widget you like. It works without any need to authenticate with Instagram. Simply enter your username and let the photos appear in your Widgets.

Grid Parallax

As you may have guessed, we added the new Grid Parallax effect from the latest UIkit release to Widgetkit. Now it is possible to apply a parallax effect to the grid columns. You can add this effect to enhance the Grid, Grid Slider and Gallery widget.

Widgetkit 2.6 Grid Parallax

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

Powerful HTML editor

The Custom content provider has always been used as the most flexible way to create content. In most cases, and also in our own demos, we tend to use HTML instead of just plain text. To make this even easier, the previous plain textarea has been replaced by the powerful HTML editor provided by UIkit. Say hello to autocompletion, syntax highlighting and a live preview.

Widgetkit 2.6 HTML editor

Further changes

In widgets which support filtering via tags you can now set a custom sort order for tags. To do this, find the new text field in the Widget settings and enter the tags in the order you want them to be in.

The Map widget properly translates to different languages now and you can also provide any custom label for the "Get directions" button – a frequently requested feature.

You will also find smaller changes in various places, such as improved Widget management on mobile devices, like the iPad, and a better handling of content alignment while the page is still loading – say goodbye to overlapping images in Galleries and Grids.

Comments and feedback

We are excited to share the new additions with you and hope you will like them. Have fun with the new version and feel free to leave comments and feedback below.

By Olivia | | Posted in Widgetkit

Comments (43)

  • matthijs


    | Profile |
    Very exciting release! Great!
  • forrestkirby


    | Profile |
    Nice, thanks you added the requested editor to widgetkit!
  • groovedan


    | Profile |
    Great Job!
  • ray.lawlor


    | Profile |
    HTML editor!! Bingo!!!

  • sandro.risi


    | Profile |
    Very nice, with the new editor.
    But something is wrong with the parallax-effect.
    I’ve updated form 2.5.3 to 2.6 and now the pics are very huge. The height and width is set auto. But in the browser the pics are width=3215px. I don’t know why.
  • maxip4


    | Profile |
  • andreas.kanellis


    | Profile |
    Very nice, with the new editor.
  • krisztian.somodi


    | Profile |
    wow, i love you guys. such cool features.
  • kennst


    | Profile |
    Thanks for the Instagram possibility. It would be very useful to also choose to follow a hashtag. And choose to show only images that you've liked. Then you have a small moderation of the images shown on your page. Then you make it easy for your customers/followers to share photos on your page too. This option has snapwidget made on their plugin. But would be great to only use widgetkit.
    Could you guys make this possible?
  • joshgilson


    | Profile |
    Well this was a welcomed surprise! Thanks YooTheme, I love it.
  • pacoguio


    | Profile |
    Today when I've found a big surprise when I have started to work and I found this version, very good. The only thing missing is done in an image editor in the multimedia manager
  • boozoo


    | Profile |
    Nice, but can it display WooCommerce products price now...? kind of frustrating to have the WooCommerce option but can not map / display essential fields like the Price! Tks
  • yannis


    | Profile |
    Wow Thank you guys!!
  • marcel.keehnen.43


    | Profile |
    Great new features!
  • akcreation


    | Profile |
    Very excited to see the new features - the HTML editor is a huge step forward, thank you. Love the instagram content provider too. Great work guys :)
  • chrismichaelaoun


    | Profile |
    Call me crazy,

    but I actually jumped in the air screaming YEAH when I saw the HTML editor.

    So glad I renewed my subscription!!!!
  • harry.adams


    | Profile |
    Can't find the option you say allows custom text for get directions button...?
    • hendrik


      | Profile |
      The text 'Get Directions' can be translated in the language files located in the languages/ directory.
      • harry.adams


        | Profile |
        I have no widgetkit language file in /languages/en-GB ??? where is the file you mention?
        • hendrik


          | Profile |
          they are located in the widgetkit folder, in Joomla: administrator/components/com_widgetkit/ and in Wordpress wp_content/plugins/widgetkit/
  • trench


    | Profile |
    Great Great Job! :D
  • kay.schuetze


    | Profile |
    Great! The custom sort order for tags was my biggest wish and now I'm happy :-)
  • pascal.netenvie


    | Profile |
    Is there now something to center map in map widget ?
  • pmarty


    | Profile |
    I loooove the html editor, thanks a lot!

    There is one little thing always missing (at least in the slideshows): random ordering of slides. So useful for a lot of project.

    Thanks again for all that great job
  • anna.robinson


    | Profile |
    Thank you! This is great news :-)
  • marste


    | Profile |
    THANK YOU! Next version pls implement video gallery from YOUTUBE and VIMEO I'm waiting for a long time!
    Video will be the king contet on the web!

  • jorge.batres


    | Profile |
    Great features! Thanks
  • novagiant


    | Profile |
    YESSSSSSSS!!!! Been waiting for this. Im going to test it out today!
  • guerton.christophe.11


    | Profile |
    I expected this editor, thank you this is great news, thanks
  • site123.ca


    | Profile |
    Great work guys... i was REALLY hoping i would see PAGINATION and support for CUSTOM POST TYPES. Such a powerful plugin lacking such basic functionality (by basic i don't mean easy to implement, i mean the basics - what everybody needs!).
  • geeksonthebeach


    | Profile |
    Love it! Thanks, team!
  • christian65


    | Profile |
    wurde denn auch das htaccess Problem gefixt? Also wurden alle Zugriffe aus dem Admin Ordner entfernt?
    Das würde mich freuen.
  • tobias.m


    | Profile |
    When comes the HTML editor as an extension for Joomla? :-)
  • abombazza


    | Profile |
    Hi, nice news!!!
    a Question: if i have installed the last release of component 2.5 (before this new release), for install it is only necessary to install like always i do ?
  • kim.carolin


    | Profile |
    Great, thank you
  • john.hubickey


    | Profile |
    HTML editor is a breath of fresh air!!!!!

    I prefer HTML editing, but it's often difficult to explain that concept to the tech challenged especially without syntax highlighting. I could never figure out how to get a proper wysiwyg editor to work with WK. Better editor makes it less troublesome to to use CUSTOM widgetkit content over joomla content. I tend to use joomla content source over WK custom simply due to more options and having the content from the same place. Looks like WK editor is better than Codemirror and JCE!

    "Zoo", "Widgetkit"? I think those component names will add several months of continuous scrolling over a lifetime of Joomla editing. Wish you called it "Awesome Widgetkit" and "Astounding Zoo" so I don't have to scroll so much in the components menu.

  • lukasspy


    | Profile |
    Perfect... html editor is awesome ... one thing I noticed: In the grid widget the additional fields (like badge, tags, etc) can be added, but upon saving and reopening the grid the additional fields are not visible. If they are added again, the values stored before, are still there, but this seems to be a small glitch :-)
  • triangle


    | Profile |
    You knocked it out of the park!!
  • triangle


    | Profile |
    Wait a second...the editor is still not friendly for clients to edit. You can ONLY input on the code side. Why can't we have a WYSIWYG editor like the old widgetkit?
  • rachel.oreilly


    | Profile |
    Loving the new editor, and effects. However one thing I notice has taken a step backwards is you can no longer drag to re-order the items when working on a widgetkit with custom content. Is this intentional or a bug?
    • hendrik


      | Profile |
      Hi, reordering of custom content items is fixed in Widgetkit 2.6.1.
  • lardt


    | Profile |
    Instagram is great but Pinterest would be a big enhancement also!

    Way to go! Editor enhancement was very much needed.
  • stefano.rigazio


    | Profile |
    Please, consider to add FEED RSS as source. It would be great.
    Thank you!

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