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Pinewood Lake Theme

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Pinewood Lake Website for YOOtheme Pro

The weather here in Hamburg makes us long for fire and warm socks, so let us get cozy with our multi-functional Pinewood Lake theme. Texture, authentic style and grunge elements make our March theme perfect for recreation hotels and resorts, wildlife parks and outdoor activities, restaurants and bars and other related businesses. So lean back, and let's dive into details.

Pinewood Lake Style

Pinewood Lake has a very light and authentic style. At the same time, skeuomorphism together with realistic images gives the theme a more familiar look and feel. Other characteristic features of Pinewood Lake theme is the classic Serif typography, a lot of texture, grunge font, buttons and overlaps and smooth colors. Monospaced typewriter font and original dividers add a rustic style to the rural hotel.


Style Variations

Pinewood Lake comes with 6 different styles. The colors chosen for this theme are very harmonic and natural, which perfectly fits the topic. Go ahead and pick your favorite.

Section Overlap

Section overlap image creates gradual transitions between sections, moving from a strict design to a more smooth look. You probably remember the section overlap from our Fjord theme. Simply enable it with one click in the page builder of YOOtheme Pro for sections you want to stand out.


Button Style

Pinewood Lake also updated buttons. They now have a retina-friendly button border image that corresponds to the overall style of the theme. The grunge texture is presented not only in buttons, you can also find it in dividers and even font. Customize it to make it fit your website.


Layouts & Topic

Pinewood Lake is a multi-functional theme with 8 lovely layouts: Home, Hotel, Cabins, Restaurant, Bar, Events, About, Contact. The Home page briefly introduces the hotel and activities it offers, the restaurant and the bar and presents itself as a perfect event location in a nice looking Slideshow. Hotel focuses on the rooms and the services the hotel provides. Special attention is also given the Cabin page, which is a highlight of the website. Here you will find a subtle parallax effect, a Gallery and a Slider. Restaurant displays special as well as daily menus together with the information on the quality of served food. The Bar page highlights the lounge bar with live music, cocktails and home-brewed beer. Information about conferences and weddings can be found in Events. The About page that starts with a beautiful slow-motion video features all the benefits of the hotel, its wildlife park and outdoor activities. Of course, there is also a Contact page with the location and contact information. Take a look at the layouts for yourself:

Free Quality Stock Photos

The Pinewood Lake theme comes with 94 high quality and free-to-use photos. Check some of them below.

48 lovingly curated and free-to-use images

Take a look at the summary of what you get with our brand-new Pinewood Lake theme. Get the demo website below or download separate layouts in the Pro Library. And if you have a spare minute, let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Beautiful Pinewood Lake style
  • 8 page layouts
  • Perfect for Recreation, Gastronomy or Tourism
  • Business topic
  • 94 lovingly curated and free-to-use images
  • All these features are available in YOOtheme Pro

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo Try Pinewood Lake Layouts

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Comments (16)

  • renem


    | Profile |
    Not my cup of tea, but two minimal improvements in the template engine itself...... There is a huge to do list but in this way it will take centuries before these options have been implemented.....

    Yootheme is the best no doubt about it, but a bit more development would be nice.

    Keep up the good work, regards René
    • hanna


      | Profile |
      Thanks Rene for your feedback. There are a lot of great things you can expect for YOOtheme Pro very soon. Check our Recap blogpost where we reveal our plan for this year.
      • akcreation


        | Profile |
        Hi Hanna, do you guys have a release date for the new YP documentation yet please? I am very keen to learn how to extend YP myself in order to try and customise YP to do everything that I want.
        Thanks in advance for your response,
      • akcreation


        | Profile |
        sorry Hanna ignore that - I can see from the previous blog post that Sascha has said this will be the end of Q1 :)
  • john.baskerville.20


    | Profile |
    Absolutely stunning! Very creative! Really beautiful! I am thrilled that YOOtheme is committed to creating a diverse range of templates for its community. In the often overwhelming pressure to create business focused themes (which certainly has its place) the focus on niche industries (dare i say niche) is the type of dedication to a broader portfolio of designs i really do appreciate and value from YOOtheme. Many of us will be tasked with creating business websites, certainly, and maybe disproportionately for some, but i can assure you that those are only a slice of whats out there to be created, from websites focused on brands, clothing, products, OEMs/manufacturers, restaurants, pubs, recreation/outdoors, environment, tech, ecommerce, education, travel, sports, events, music, art, health, fitness, home/residential/interior design, charities/non-profits, store-fronts, hobby bloggers, etc… the list genuinely goes on and on, it is truly vast. Hopefully not starting any debate here, as we firmly believe business websites are as much a needed focus as any other category we just rambled off. It is more to say that seeing a fun and creative design like this is a very welcomed addition to the mix that we hope is greeted with excitement from others. It reminds me of a modern approach to the late great “Frequency” theme. Keep up the vision YOOtheme, you are doing a truly fantastic job for all of us, and never hesitate to bring us the fun creative stuff; there is plenty of use for it, i assure you.
    • hanna


      | Profile |
      Thank you so much for writing us your opinion. It is always great to hear that our work is appreciated. We are definitely trying to cover as many different topics as possible. So if there are some specific suggestions and wishes, we are always glad to hear them.
  • tomas.kulhanek


    | Profile |
    At this point I will not have use for this, but it looks beautiful! :)
  • josh.terrell


    | Profile |
    Overall this looks nice and I could see a space where this would work. One feature I would like to see is the ability to assign different styles to individual pages/posts/custom post types in some way.
    • nicolai


      | Profile |
    • houston.digital


      | Profile |
      +1 I would be happy just to chose a couple of layouts in YooPRO for the blog's articles (like choosing the layout of the menu).

      BTW, sweet look and feel of this month template, I can't wait for everything you guys are working on.
    • berus


      | Profile |
      +1 When yootheme will add this feature YP will be a great tool
  • manuel


    | Profile |
    Great as always. Congratulations.
    I'd love to see the color picker and gradient for text! ;)
  • martinahovi


    | Profile |
    A month to late for me. But I do like this template very much and it would have been perfect for one of my most recent projects ... I did use fjord in the end, but this one would have fit even better.

    But it is so nice to see a work that is a bit different to the normal stuff. That has been one of the best yootheme features of the early days. Please keep up with it!
  • atilla.ozturk


    | Profile |
    please... in the future, newspaper, magazine template could be nice

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