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CHANGELOG: Widgetkit v1.5.10 (Updated October 25, 2017)

What's New with Widgetkit 1!? Below is an updated changelog for the current version (I'll try and keep this updated so you don't have to find the readme file every time). Click the Star to the left to add this to your favorites for next time!

Looking For The Widgetkit 2 Changelog? CLICK HERE


  • Fixed clear cache deletes Google API key


  • Fixed tinyMCE add image button (J)
  • Fixed Google API key error


  • Fixed maps cluster icon sources


  • Fixed define call in jquery.plugins.js


  • Updated mediaelement.js to 2.17.0
  • Fixed zoo gallery lightbox
  • Fixed maps edit view


  • Updated mediaelement.js to 2.15.1


  • Fixed image lazyloading in slideshow (J3.3)


  • Fixed drag and drop reordering in WordPress


  • Fixed missing module title in twitter widget
  • Added autoload widget bonus styles from theme folder


  • Fixed lazy loading of images in slideshow, slideset and gallery widgets


  • Fixed images stack in slideset on IE
  • Added basic ACL functionality (J3.2, J2.5)


  • Updated jQuery mousewheel plugin
  • Fixed maps backend under ssl


  • Fixed tinyMCE editor (WP 3.9)
  • Fixed slideshow effect ken burns
  • Fixed use esc_sql instead of mysql_escape (WP)
  • Updated mediaelement.js to 2.13.2
  • Added draggable option for map


  • Fixed tinyMCE and Codemirror editors (J3.2)


  • Added scroll wheel option for map
  • Added script cache
  • Added trigger resize event on window load to fix image height calculation
  • Added UIkit layouts to ZOO widgets
  • Fixed responsive.js issue (WP)
  • Fixed accordion height calculation
  • Fixed address autocomplete (maps widget)


  • Fixed Multisite support (WP)
  • Fixed editor error (WP 3.6)
  • Fixed displaying widgets in lightbox (J)


  • Fixed Twitter usage with multiple users


  • Added debounced resize listener
  • Improved Twitter error handling


  • Fixed Visual editor (WP)


  • Fixed Multisite support (WP)
  • Fixed check for already loaded OAuth library


  • Updated Twitter Widget uses OAuth to authenticate


  • Fixed lightboxes in slideshow captions
  • Fixed correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically option (WP)
  • Updated jQuery to 1.9.1 (J)
  • Updated mediaelement.js to 2.10.3


  • Added $.browser compatibility for jQuery UI


  • Updated jQuery to 1.9.0 (J)
  • Fixed deprecated $.browser error with jQuery 1.9.0


  • Prevent broken Google maps images
  • Fixed gallery polaroid style if no lightbox is used
  • Fixed wp_tiny_mce deprecated message (WP)
  • Fixed wp_enqueue_script('jquery') (WP)
  • Updated Lightbox examples


  • Fixed using articles as source for widgets (J)
  • Fixed style param bug (J3.0)
  • Fixed google maps locater (J3.0)
  • Updated jQuery to 1.8.3 (J)
  • Updated mediaelement.js to 2.10
  • Updated Wordpress 3.5 ready


  • Fixed maps location picker


  • Added Joomla 3.0 support (J)
  • Fixed Twitter api request
  • Updated jQuery to 1.8.2 and jQuery UI to 1.9 (J)
  • Updated mediaelement.js to 2.9.5


  • Updated jQuery to 1.8.0 and jQuery UI to 1.8.23 (J)
  • Force non-fluid images in slideset
  • Accordion widget is responsive now
  • Fixed error messages on missing styles
  • Fixed showcase style sync between slideshow and slideset
  • Removed Rich text editor support for old WordPress versions


  • Fixed special chars bug


  • Added simple filemanager to gallery widget
  • Added scale and rotate effect to slideshow based widgets
  • Added gallery inside style
  • Changed hover effect of gallery showcase style
  • Updated mediaelement.js to 2.9.1
  • Fixed fold effect on showcase styles
  • Fixed gallery slider style for RTL
  • Fixed slideset widget for IE9
  • Fixed slideset widget for RTL


  • Fixed accordion and map responsiveness
  • Fixed $.onMediaQuery helper function
  • Fixed KenBurns effect on stop
  • Fixed slideset responsiveness


  • Made widgets responsive
  • Added responsive image CSS
  • Added responsive JS helper function $.onMediaQuery
  • Added drag'n drop of files in gallery widget
  • Added support for JCK and Codemirror editor (J)
  • Improved base CSS
  • Fixed JCE bug - JCE > 2.1.x (J)
  • Fixed Html field error if visual editor is disabled (WP)
  • Fixed puzzle flickering effect on mobile devices
  • Fixed lightbox flickering issue on mobile devices
  • Fixed RTL in slideshow tabs style
  • Fixed folder ordering issue in gallery widget
  • Fixed gallery widget administration for IE9 (J)


  • Updated jQuery to 1.7.2 (J)
  • Added Marker cluster option to map widget
  • Fixed showOverlay option in the lightbox widget
  • Fixed Kenburns fallback
  • Map widget is now correctly using the cache (ZOO)
  • Fixed error handling in maps widget (ZOO)


  • Updated Widgetkit ZOO plugin


  • Fixed auto removing paragraphs and linebreaks (WP)
  • Fixed Joomla Plugin will no longer show unpublished articles
  • Fixed ZOO Gallery Element (Slideshow)


  • Added Twitter direct message link
  • Updated slideset navigation option
  • Fixed gallery widget preview thumbnails on widget create
  • Fixed Read more translation (J)
  • Fixed ssl protocol support (WP)
  • Fixed gallery slideset style
  • Fixed slideshow screen style in IE7


  • Added slideshow screen style
  • Added gallery screen style
  • Added loading widgets within lightbox (#wk-ID as href)
  • Added swipe effect for slideshow and gallery
  • Added support for new youtu.be urls in lightbox
  • Added responsive lightbox for images
  • Fixed Deck slidset effect in Safari
  • Fixed caption (ZOO image element)
  • Updated slideset default style CSS
  • Updated mediaelement.js to version 2.6.5


  • Added random order option for accordion widget

1.0.0 BETA 20

  • Added lazy loading of images for slideshow, slideset and gallery widgets
  • Added restart autoplay after 30sec
  • Added ken burns effect
  • Added drops effect to slideset
  • Added slideset style for gallery widget
  • Added update notifications
  • Added support to use articles as content items (J)
  • Fixed email cloaking plugin bug + accordion widget (J)
  • Fixed google maps directions in IE8
  • Fixed tinymce editor in WP 3.3
  • Fixed loadmodule plugin in widgets (J)
  • Fixed single quotes bug in maps widget
  • Updated mediaelement.js to version 2.6.1

1.0.0 BETA 19

  • Fixed parameters for ZOO plugin (J)
  • Updated mediaelement.js to version 2.4.0

1.0.0 BETA 18

  • Updated jQuery to 1.7.1 (J)
  • Updated mediaelement.js to version 2.3.3
  • Updated Widget loading, using data attributes

1.0.0 BETA 17

  • Added System Check
  • Fixed slideset stacking issue when loading
  • Updated mediaelement.js to version 2.3.2
  • Updated lazy script loading reworked

1.0.0 BETA 16

  • Updated jQuery to 1.7 (J)
  • ZOO elements to reflect changes in 2.5 (J)

1.0.0 BETA 15

  • Fixed unique ids gallery box styles
  • Fixed slideshow caption effect

1.0.0 BETA 14

  • Allow all accordion slides to be opened at start (start index "all")
  • Fixed UTF-8 BOM for all assets
  • Updated mediaelement.js to version 2.2.4

1.0.0 BETA 13

  • Fixed showcase and slideset on one page
  • Fixed slideshow stacking issue when loading
  • Fixed problem with Gallery Element and ZOO (J)
  • Added missing navigation position for Widgetkit ZOO plugin (J)
  • Force numeric values for width/height in the gallery settings

1.0.0 BETA 12

  • Added lazy script loading
  • Added slideshow tabs style
  • Added slideshow tabs bar style
  • Added slideshow list style
  • Added slideshow showcase box style
  • Added slideshow showcase buttons style
  • Added gallery showcase style
  • Added gallery showcase box style
  • Added new deck effect to the slideset
  • Added support for WordPress shortcodes to widgetkit content
  • Added support for Joomla loadpositions plugin to widgetkit content
  • Added support for Widgetkit shortcodes to widgetkit content
  • Fixed slideshow advanced fx with content padding
  • Fixed gallery wall style zoom effect in chrome
  • Optimized default CSS to reduce duplicated code
  • Updated mediaelement.js to version 2.1.9
  • Removed $.fn.galleryslideshow due to duplicate code usage

1.0.0 BETA 11

  • Added new location finder in map widget
  • Fixed gallery polaroid style in Chrome
  • Fixed JCE Editor (2.0.x) integration (J)

1.0.0 BETA 10

  • Added random order option for gallery and slideshow widgets
  • Updated ZOO plugin for ZOO 2.5 (J)
  • Updated clearfix to use micro clearfix

1.0.0 BETA 9

  • Fixed maps widget in joomla (J)

1.0.0 BETA 8

  • Added slideset widget
  • Added custom link to gallery widget
  • Added lightbox parameter to gallery slideshow style
  • Always grouped lightboxes in gallery widget
  • Removed $.tpl plugin

1.0.0 BETA 7

  • Fixed twitter translation issue

1.0.0 BETA 6

  • Added lazy loading of the google maps api
  • Added ssl support for google maps api
  • Added ajax loader when adding a map location
  • Fixed slideshow box effect bug in IE
  • Fixed lightbox CSS issue
  • Highlighted center item for map widget

1.0.0 BETA 5

  • Added maps widget
  • Added accordion widget
  • Added gallery wall style
  • Added gallery slider style
  • Added Joomla 1.7 support

1.0.0 BETA 4

  • Added gallery widget
  • Added HTML5 media player
  • Added ZOO support (J)
  • Added HTML5 video support to lightbox
  • Added ssl support for youtube and vimeo links to lightbox
  • Added iOS/Android support for youtube and vimeo links to lightbox
  • Updated jQuery to 1.6.2 (J)
  • Fixed slideshow effect fold in Firefox
  • Fixed 1 pixel bug in slideshow effects puzzle, boxes and boxesRtl
  • Fixed slideshow RTL

1.0.0 BETA 3

  • Optimized slideshow CSS3 effects
  • Added caption support for slideshow widget
  • Fixed position bug in order box (J16)
  • Fixed Twitter date formatting
  • Fixed Twitter search queries

1.0.0 BETA 2

  • Added RTL support for Lightbox, Slideshow and Twitter widget
  • Updated description text for widgets on dashboard
  • Added tinyMCE and JCE Editor support (J)
  • Fixed JDocumentFeed assets issue (J)
  • Fixed magic quotes save problem (WP)
  • Fixed twitter widget match height on bubble styles
  • Fixed spotlight overlay position fix

1.0.0 BETA 1

  • Initial Release

YOOTHEME! Please update the download page (idea below) to have a link to either this changelog post or an official one!

  • Widgetkit
  • Tutorial


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