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Avatar christophe.pechoux asked

Lightbox content with grid widgetkit

Why the light content is not displayed in the people paralax grid ?
Is there a tutorial on this ?

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2 Answers


Avatar michael.maass Support Online answered

Strangely the links don't show any reaction when I click, but they work fine when I right-click it and use "Open link in new window" for instance.


This is not as it should be and needs looking after.
But it will an isolated issue with this demo installation on the YOOtheme pages.
I tried and the links all work as expected in demo I installed myself.

Do you experience the same behaviour on your site?

If so: Please post a link to your site.

Thanks for reporting


Avatar christophe.pechoux answered

The link is here

I am in the widgekit part on the yootheme exemple you provide with the theme named people grid paralax

When I add custom fields text, htmleditor... they doesn't overlay except email field as can see.

How could i add html text plus email icon when I pass the mouse over the pictures ?



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