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Avatar huw.roberts asked

TUTORIAL - Truncating Joomla article text in Widgetkit Grid layout

If you ever need to use a grid layout to display a load of joomla articles you will find the layout is very messy due to variable heights in article content - the solution is to truncate the characters.
Luckily this is provided in one of the custom WK themes - Download the Avanti Demo theme

Copy the following directory

  • /templates/yoo_avanti/widgetkit/widgets/grid_avanti

Upload the directory to your theme e.g Uniq theme:

  • /templates/yoo_uniq/widgetkit/widgets/grid_avanti

You now have the truncate option on the Grid -

**Update for YoothemePro **
As yootheme pro doesn't have a widgetkit dir in the template you can add the Avanti Truncate Grid to

Could I request this is added as a standard Grid feature to future versions of WK.

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4 Answers


Avatar kayhan Support answered

Thanks for sharing this. The new "widgetkit" version will be released on Oct 10th. Hopefully this will be included.


Avatar huw.roberts answered

Hi Unfortunately Truncating Joomla article text in Widgetkit Grid layout has not been included in WK 2.7.8 Please add it to the next release


Avatar huw.roberts answered

Hi Can you please add the truncating of text as a standard feature in Widgetkit - its a real pain having to always replace with the Avanti Version


Avatar sonicpixel answered

Hi I also need this feature for widgetkit Grid Stack in addition to use it with youtheme pro.

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