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Avatar fedeviv asked

Subscription for Yootheme PRO

I already have a running yootheme subscription, but i can't find where to download the Yootheme PRO website builder. If i load its official page, the BUY button takes me to the subscription plan page. Do i need a new subscription in order to downlad it and use it?

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Avatar skyedesign answered

This is not acceptable. In a few weeks, my subscription will have expired and I will have spent the last 2.5 months paying for nothing. I suggest you make a plan to provide Fuse for those who have been paying for an otherwise useless WordPress subscription while you reward the Joomla users for their wait.


Avatar jean.hyacinthe answered

What's the deal on Pro for an existing Joomla customer? Is this a separate subscription?


Avatar matthijs Support answered

The package can be downloaded in the themes download section;



Avatar matthijs Support answered

The package is being wrapped as we speak. Please hang on a little bit, there are some last minute technical challenges... :)


Avatar mark.sisson answered

So, just clarifying...can we download Pro yet? When it is ready, how will I know and where will I go to download? Just clicked on the Buy Now button and purchased a subscription so I was confused about how to get it.


Avatar antonio.iabichino answered

I downloaded from Fuse but the template seems to come empty with no page builder included, I don't want to use nor install the demo, I don't like building a site thru a demo. Am I doing something wrong?


Avatar tomasz.nowak answered

I have a subscription to wordpress templates only. Recently nothing new appears ... It is only for Joomla.
When can I expect new templates for Wordpress?


Avatar fedeviv answered

Oh, that's why!
Looking forward to it!

Thanks for your answer.


Avatar empowermom answered

Me three! Thank you. Can hardly wait another minute! LOL


Avatar bifrons answered

If I buy the Yootheme Pro after I have already access to the "old" templates within Warp 6 or 7 ? or it is an another subscription ?
Thank's for your kick answer


Avatar vitorfranco answered

I have a subscription since a few days.

How can i get yootheme pro ? the theme FUSE to donwload have a error.

Can you tell me please.


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