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Avatar peter.haken asked


Just a quick message thanks for the 1.0.2 release, I Know its hard with new things, i can see this is gunna be awesome, keep up the good work.

Please no one post negativity on this post..only goof karma please.

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8 Answers


Avatar chiodi.marco answered

Now that is going well thanks to quick fix bugs, congratulations for the great work, I am finding great


Avatar empowermom answered

Thanks for a place to give kudos instead of complaints. Ditto to all the compliments and keep up the good work.

I'm Lovn' It!


Avatar brokie answered

Thanks for all that work.


Avatar f.garcia.59 answered

Yes, thanks from all of us in designers side !!


Avatar arthur.rosa answered

Thank you, Yootheme! I´m not a developer and i could design my website in 1 day with pro. I´m pretty sure that you guys will made this Pro the best in a few months.

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