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Avatar denis.johansen asked

Great job YOOtheme

I been reading about how disappointed some are with the new YOOtheme Pro release, but I must say that I am quite impressed after I have been working with the release for the last couple of days.

You really did a great job with this, and all the tweaking possibilities is just fantastic. I love how you are able to check the preview all UI elements and then just style away.

There is also almost endless possibilities in the pagebuilder tool, and I for one cannot wait to see how far you are able to take this.

Having worked with Joomshaper pagebuilder and Quix as well, YOOtheme Pro is the best builder for joomla out there an even the most stable one by far already.

Congrats YOOtheme :)

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Avatar kayhan Support answered

Thanks for your feedback. The development team appreciates it!


Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

Thank you! That's great to hear that :-) Any ideas for improvements are very welcome.


Avatar amantri answered

I have seen a lot of negative stuff on here and I just wanted to reach on and let you guys know how literally epic this new direction is. I AM OBSESSED with the speed in which I can create/iterate/improve on a site. It is a beautiful system and I have nothing but props for you guys putting your foot down on a new direction.

Made this in literally like 2 days (temp domain). Which should not be possible.



Avatar bruntt answered

I struggled with Yootheme Pro at first, but I know you folks are smart, and I know you would not make this big of a move unless you had thought it through carefully. I decided to keep an open mind and keep the faith that you would continue to refine this concept.

My decision has paid off. I have used Pro on about 6 projects now, and I understand better how it thinks with each new project. I'm now completely in love. I can now see how your software can transform my business. The future looks bright.

I have been in this industry since 1996. Every time something new has come along, there have been some who would jump on anything just to be cool, there have been some who would insult everything because it was flawed (how could it be otherwise at first?) or because they didn't want to leave their comfort zone, and there have been some who kept an open mind. Only those with open minds have been able to survive the changes that have washed over this industry so many times over the last 2 decades. I almost decided to close my mind during my struggles a few months ago. That would have been a HUGE mistake.

Thank you for this software. It's a major step forward.



Avatar f.garcia.59 answered

Absolutely agree with denis.johansen: being this first release as good sure very soon will be really outstanding. Great work!


Avatar gasonline answered

I installed this for testing and still around this,... it looks promising, the learning curve is some more hard that for example WP/Divi,... even coming from Warp and WidgetKit.

I work too much on SEO onPage and Yotheme and now PRO should improve on this.
Also in your demo, Pagespeed, you should fix some things. Images for example.



I managed to improve and get in my test site 84% pagespeed in GTmetrics but in Pageespeed get and error:
There was an error fetching or parsing the page.



Avatar anthony.howard answered

Faster to develop with than Warp 7. A little buggy with Chrome, but no problems with Firefox so far.


Avatar brokie answered

This week I started to create a website with YooThemePro.
It takes some time for using it but if you know the way you see it logically fits together and is very flexible.
I am very impressed with this fine piece of work and wants YOOtheme therefore give my compliments.


Avatar thomas.albinson answered

I just finished developing/designing a new site for my nonprofit using YooPro for the first time. I am VERY happy with what you have developed! I love the interface within which most development/design work is possible. I love the integration with Joomla modules and components. I love the ability to check everything at anytime re: how it will display on mobile phones, tablets and monitors. I love being able to create 1 site that works across all platforms without a lot of special tweaking. When I got stuck, I appreciated the quick and helpful support from the YooTheme team! There is no going back :)


Avatar larry.g1s answered

Just working on a new site and have greatly appreciated the new YOOtheme Pro. I just wanted to add my appreciate also.



Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

We just released YOOtheme Pro 1.7 which should solve the general module position issues.

Please take a look at this thread to discuss our solutions and to give feedback what's missing and what can be improved.

Thank you for your help! :-)

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