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Avatar rene.van.steenwijk asked

Lot of links are not working anymore (internal links) after the update this morning from Joomla and the Widgetkit 2.7.9 update

Hi Guys,

This morning, after updating the Joomla version to 3.6.3 and the WidgetKit from 2.7.7 to 2.7.9, on the Yoo Avion template, a lot of links do not work anymore?! (doesnt mather which browser, IE, Firefox and Chrome.)

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5 Answers


Avatar rene.van.steenwijk answered

Thanks, that was the solution! Where is the Bootstrap for? When Cant I just disable it?!



Avatar michael.anlauf Support Online answered

You're welcome! Actually this question lead me to my result.
When a theme or extension is build on bootstrap which is a framework like Uikit on which the Yootheme themes are build on. So mostly you don't need it.



Avatar john.raaijmakers answered

Hi Michael,

I have the same problem in the templates JOLINE and FJORD. Would you please help me: Where can I find the configuration to deactive bootstrap? I cannot find it in those templates.

Thank you very much.

Sunny greetings



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