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Avatar totoweb asked

Option to set https for canonical url in zoo with core hack doesn't work anymore

Hello Yootheme,

We have noticed that the core hack in components > controllers > deafult.php doesn't work anymore and removes the canonical url in the source code. ZOO 3.3.23. With more and more websites that switch to https this should be an easily to configure option in ZOO itself.

For now, why does the core hack not work anymore in default.php on line 131?

// add canonical  
    if ($this->app->system->document instanceof JDocumentHTML) {  
        $this->app->system->document->addHeadLink(JRoute::_($this->app->route->item($this->item, false), true, 1), 'canonical');  
        $headData = $this->app->system->document->getHeadData();  
            foreach ($headData['links'] as $key => $value) {  
                if ($value['relation'] == 'canonical' && $key != JRoute::_($this->app->route->item($this->item, false), true, 2)) {  
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4 Answers


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Hi Raoul,

as per the developers this shall be fixed in an update. I don't have an ETA, though.

Kind regards


Avatar totoweb answered

Hi Thomas,

Accidantaly we found out that activating the Joomla SEF plugin and enter the domain name with https:// also fix the problem and you don't have to use the core hack anymore. Forgot to report it. Just to let you know :)



Avatar totoweb answered

Hello, problem solved. Looked only to the homepage. We still think it is something the developers have to look in to?


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