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Avatar dritan.cami asked

UIkit 3 (Yootheme Pro) documentation

Hi, I have absolute need to consult the documentation of UIKit 3 because (it seems) that on YOOtheme pro it's not good the code that is visible online https://getuikit.com/docs/core.html.

Please let me know where to read the new documentation.

  • Joomla
  • UIkit
  • YOOtheme Pro


4 Answers


Avatar kayhan Support Online answered

Yootheme is working on the documentation. Sascha ("Yootheme CEO") has mentioned Jan 1st as ETA (tentatively).


Avatar matthew.wheatley.7 answered

Are we definitely getting docs in like two days???? In middle of putting a site together using pro and need some references.


Avatar kayhan Support Online answered

Yootheme tweeted yesterday:

Get ready... UIkit 3 beta is coming on Monday 9th, January

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