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Avatar jeroen.egbertzen.97 asked

Idea: Create Zoo template layouts with website builder of Yootheme pro


I was searching for this idea but could not find it, so I give it a shot here.

I find it quite hard to design proper template layouts for Zoo. I use the premade ones from Yootheme but still I am not really a frontend designer so find it hard to do so.

Now I was thinking; couldn't the website builder be also used for designing template layouts for Zoo? It would work exactly the same, but the only thing which need to be added is the option to use content type elements of a specific app as input for the various website builder elements. So where I now need to type text in the website builder, I would select an available zoo element. The positions in the template layouts of Zoo, would be replaced by the website builder sections, rows and row layouts.

For instance, the website builder headline is filled by the text from the content field. If it would be able to select 'text-element' of the content type, to define the layout type, it would be perfect. I wouldn't be bound to the predifined poistions in the template layout, but design it on the spot.
In this way I would like to define for instance the teaser template layout, full, etc...

Hope we could share our toughts about this one?

kind regards,

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2 Answers


Avatar philipp Yootheme answered

Hi Jeroen,

I am sorry for the delayed response, we are still heavily working on YOOtheme Pro. Currently a Layout builder is not planned for ZOO, but I think this is a fantastic idea. We will consider this as one the next larger projects :)

Kind Regards

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