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Avatar frankstratmann asked

Submenu Width in Yootheme Pro

Hi, I would like to know, how I can expand the Submenu? With CSS-Classes from UIKIT it doesn´t work.


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  • UIkit
  • YOOtheme Pro

6 Answers


Avatar michael.maass Support answered

You can change the width of the menu dropdowns in the Website Builder:

Style > Components > Navbar > Dropdown > Width


Enter a value of your choice, use a non-negative integer, including the unit "px", like for instance 300px
Thank you


Avatar frankstratmann answered

Fine. I was a little confused, because of the way in WARPx ;) Thanks


Avatar stefano.ulivieri answered

Can i add a question?

how replicate this on the sub-item? (3th level)

i can't expand the 3th level width


Avatar michael.maass Support answered


"Unrecognized input" hints to invalid LESS or CSS syntax.

Please thoroughly revise all entries you made. This applies to parameters like the "Width" shown in my screenshot as well as entries made in Extensions > Templates > yootheme > Details > Settings > Custom Code > CSS/LESS for instance.

Thank you


Avatar enriquegalindo answered

Hello Michael,

On Warp we could change the dropdown width of each submenu depending on the size of the text and the change on NavBar Component applies to all submenus.

Is there a way on Yootheme Pro to change the size of the dropdown submenus individually?


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