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Avatar stefan.zahnd asked

Uikit menu icon in yootheme pro


How can I add icons to menu items in yootheme pro like this was possible in Warp 7?

Thank you and kind regards, Stefan

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7 Answers


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Hi Stefan,

you can't do it like in Warp 7 anymore, but you can use the default Joomla option for this:


Select an image at Menus: Edit Item > Link Type > Link Image.

Kind regards


Avatar stefan.zahnd answered

Hi Thomas

Thank you. That's a pity. Do you plan to implement this feature in yootheme pro?

Kind regards, Stefan


Avatar rolf.fey.57 answered

Hi, I cannot find that folder "symbols" in my latest "Fjord" template. The folder "icons" does have the ".svg" Icons, but I cannot use them on the menu, because this file type is not supported. Hence I cannot add the UIKIT icons any more to the menu..... very disappointing.
Best regards


Avatar adi.heutschi answered

You must manually insert the image path from the svg image.

best regards




Avatar adi.heutschi answered

How can you change the color of the svg images?

best regards



Avatar huw.roberts answered

Here is the easiest solution I use to put in a SVG icons into a joomla menu using Yootheme Pro
1. Upload your svg file e.g home-icon.svg
2. Add a css class to your custom.css template e.g

.homemenu {
background: url('../../images/home-icon.svg') no-repeat;
background-position: center;
background-size: 25px;

3.In your joomla menu Link type > Link CSS Style enter: homemenu

Dont put in .homemenu just homemenu

Here is the result - see the home page menu - https://www.thestables.ie/bookings/



Avatar thomas.p Support answered

I don't think YOOtheme does as the native Joomla option seems sufficient. If you want to use the UIkit icons: They are located in \templates\yootheme\vendor\assets\uikit\src\images\symbols - simply copy them to your image path.

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