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Avatar no64 asked

Yootheme Pro - social icons not displaying in mobile menu

In the builder is it possible to activate the social Icons in position "Toolbar right/left", "Header" or "Navbar".
Now on smaller devices in case the mobile nav is activated, the icons are not visible in the offcanvas menu, like it work with the "search".

How do I get the social icons in there?

  • UIkit
  • YOOtheme Pro

5 Answers


Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered


we will look into this.
For the only possibility now is to create a custom module/widget and publish this in the position 'mobile'.


Avatar no64 answered


... ok, thank's Hendrik.. that's just the way I did it for now.

Just as an idea,.. maybe it would be nice to have the possibility to add custom "Icons" to that "Social" position too.


Avatar stefano.ulivieri answered

In versione 1.5.1 the icons still not visibile on Mobile (all settings: Offcanvas, Modal, Dropdown).

There's a possibility that it will be added in the future?



Avatar thai.mac answered

Middle of June and the problem is still there. Wow.

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