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Avatar juergen.buchberger.77 asked

[Tutorial] ZOO: Add App Name to Frontend Submission Form Title

We have a lot of different apps and different instances running in some installations. If frontend submission is activated, the user can only see "My Submissions" as title, but can't see the app name the submission is for. By changing one line in your ZOO template you can add automatically the name of the app instance to the submission form title. Please follow these three simple steps:

  1. Open mysubmissions.php from media/zoo/applications/[yourapplication]/templates/[yourtemplate]

  2. search for
    <h1 class="uk-h1"><?php echo JText::_('My Submissions'); ?></h1>

  3. replace it with
    <h1 class="uk-h1"><?php echo JText::_('My Submissions').' '.$this->application->getText($this->application->name); ?></h1>

That's it! A little hint: If you are using one of the standard templates of zoo, be aware that this change will be removed with the next update. I recommend to create your own template to make update safe changes.

Best regards

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