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Avatar r.smith asked

How can I change when the Sticky Navbar comes into view?

Yootheme Pro 1.3.11 (at the time of asking this question)
Wordpress 4.7.2

When Layout > Header > Navbar = Sticky how to I change when/at what scroll point the Navbar will come into view? I would like the Sticky NavBar to come into view sooner than it is by default.

This question was well answered here (https://yootheme.com/support/question/108363) but that answer was for YOOtheme Pro v1.3.8. That answer doesn't seem to apply now with v1.3.11. At least if it does, I don't see how.

Could I please request a new answer that will work for v1.3.11?

(My assumption is that I will need to create a 'child theme' and make an adjustment in the code. I'm prepared to do that. But I'm looking for direction as to where/how to make the adjustment. --- On that point, I've tried creating a Child Theme according to the instructions on your site, but I have issues right away. But I'll address that in another Question if continues to be an issue.)

Thank you.

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Avatar diana.roald.60 answered

I would like to know how to change this in Joomla, too.

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