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Avatar sascha Yootheme asked

[Official] YOOtheme Pro 1.5 Discussion

We just released YOOtheme Pro 1.5 with some great new features:

  • New custom CSS field for builder elements
  • Reworked offcanvas and modal header and mobile layouts
  • Reworked description-list element (new layouts and meta field)
  • and much more ...

Here is the blog post to learn more about it.

This thread is dedicated to discuss the new features and report any issues regarding this update.

Confirmed Issues

No confirmed issues, yet.

Confirmed Issues caused by Widgetkit

Not 1.5 related

@emmanouil It's already fixed some time ago. I answered your thread.

@stefan.schneider How can I help you without a support thread where I can find a link to inspect your issue?

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15 Answers


Avatar impactdesign answered

Everything goes wrong with Y.P. 1.5.0

Sorry guys, but everything goes wrong in version 1.5.0
See print screen with before (version 1.4.3) and after (version 1.5.0), the same site.
Missing text and heading, images disappear, icons come and go erratically, footer appear on the front page and disappears on inside pages etc.
Video background (for section) looks like a thumbnail.




Avatar bart.jan answered

After update Website builder is broken.

  1. When going to article, then clicking the Website Builder I get 404 error
  2. When going to templates /youtheme / bulder I get

"} catch (e) { console.error('Custom Theme JS Code: ', e); } var $google_maps = 'AIzaSyAD8MxEEB0oNa8FaXbCrUMhtEc8eckDvm8'; var $customizer = {"id":"9","page":{"id":"54","catid":"10","title":"Home","content":{"name":"Home","type":"layout","children":[{"name":"Hero","type":"section","props":{"width":"default","padding":"large","style":"default","animation":"slide-top-small","image_size":"","image":"images\/headers-backgroun ... ...


Avatar stefan.schneider answered

We have the same problems like impactdeign!

Isn't it possible to have a quick update to the last version?


Avatar emmanouil answered

Hello Sascha and congrats for all the progress of the Pro.

Sadly in v1.5.0 the issue with the html forlder overrides is still present. Any news with it? It's very crucial for developers who work most with overrides.



Avatar stefan.schneider answered

Hej Sascha - this was a really fast update for widgetkit...!

B U T . . . the CSS is not the same like before - differnt typo etc. Can you fix this problems also?


Avatar anthony.geselle answered

can you get the "leader" for description lists in other layouts?


Avatar stametis answered

Since the update zoo submissions are returning the following:
There was an error saving your submission, please try again later.
Invalid name'

This looks to me like a problem with inline JS rendering.

Is this the same issue as with Widgetkit and if so is there a workaround for Zoo?

(Please see http://yootheme.com/support/question/109764 for login details if you wish to view on my test site).



Avatar diana.soijo.tap answered

Issue with the update of 1.5.0 in combination with woocommerce version: 3.0.0 thumbnail of the product.
see [https://powerflowyoga.nl/product/aerial-yoga-teensokken/] (https://powerflowyoga.nl/product/aerial-yoga-teensokken/)

Please advise. Doesn't look very nice and I am launching campagnes.


Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered

Hi @diana.soijo.tap

we are looking into the incompatibility issue with Woocommerce 3.x
As a workaround, please try to add the following to the functions.php in the yootheme theme folder.

Right below:

// Enable support for WooCommerce  

add this:


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