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Avatar no64 asked

Widgetkit: QuickIcon?

Is there a Quick Icon for Widgetkit to show up in the cpanel?

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  • Widgetkit


4 Answers


Avatar michael.maass Support Online answered

No, there is no "quick icon" for Joomla (I assume this is about Joomla) yet.

You may make that a "Feature Request".

Thank you


Avatar no64 answered

Thank you for the info, Michael


Avatar no64 answered

for now I created one by myself... just an administrator "Custom Module" and assigned it to position "icon"

    <div class="sidebar-nav quick-icons">  
        <h2 class="nav-header">Widgetkit</h2>  

        <ul class="nav nav-list">  
            <li><a href="index.php?option=com_widgetkit"><img src="../administrator/components/com_widgetkit/assets/images/widgetkit-18-j.svg" alt="" style="width: 18px; height: 18px;"> <span>Widgetkit</span></a></li>  

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