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Avatar e.manuel asked

No Content and blank Textfield in Widgetkit since Update to 2.9.4


since the last Update to 2.9.4 (in particular from 2.9.1 to 2.9.4) Widgetkit does NOT generate the Content Area correctly anylonger (with activated wordpress wysiwyg editor).

If I look into my widget (or afer creating a new one) there is only a blank textarea, without content or styling. The data or the wordpress-wysiwyg editor is NOT generated at all.

Only if i deactivate the wordpress-wysiwg editor in widgetkits global settings - the default uikit editor and the content is generated correctly.
Of course I tried clearing the cache.

Can someone confirm this as a bug?


  • I tried widgetkit 2.9.4 on a local installation, there seems to be no issue.
  • I cleared caches (browser and widgetkit itself) - nothing
  • uninstalled 2.9.4 and installed it again - nothing.
  • I uninstalled 2.9.4 and installed 2.9.1 and everything is fine again

--> as a result i assume that this is a bug...

Seems that the latest Updates (i've tested 2.9.6) fixed this issue. Thanks.

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8 Answers


Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered


we are investigating the issue and will provide an update for Widgetkit 2 asap.


Avatar erwin.van.doleweerd answered

I have the same problem with the use of JCE editor. The Tiny editor works fine but i want to use the JCE with license.

Update 2.9.6 has the same problem, no editor layout in content.



Avatar barcelona.co answered

Always the same issue here. Please, fix it asap... :)


Avatar andre.chabot.8 answered

Come on guys. It's still the same issue for 3 weeks now. At least, give us a heads-up on what is happening.

Widgetkit 2 is kinda useless for the majority without this editor.

Do we need to jump on another system??

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