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Avatar kyrre.amundsen asked

ZOO Uikit 3 uk-width-1-2 on mobile

On this site: https://www.norskefiskeproteiner.no/blogg the uikit width class on the teaser articles on frontpage is uk-width-1-2 and then dont change to 1-1 on mobile. I looked at another site i have and there it uses uk-width-medium-1-2 so it works on mobile. Is this a bug in latest ZOO or have i done something wrong?

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Avatar michael.maass Support Online answered

Is this a bug in latest ZOO or have i done something wrong?

I am not sure if it is actually a bug, but it is certainly not ideal.

Please try and carefully follow these steps:

  • Access your site's root via FTP.

  • Use a text editor capable of UTF-8 encoding to open the file

  • Change line 49 from

    echo '<div class="uk-width-1-'.$count.'">'.$columns[$j].'</div>';


    echo '<div class="uk-width-1-'.$count.'@m">'.$columns[$j].'</div>';
  • Save the changes.

Reload the page in the frontend and test if matters have improved. The 2 columns should switch to 1 column at "medium" and lower resolutions.

To delay the switch to 1 column even further until the "small" resolution is reached, use

    echo '<div class="uk-width-1-'.$count.'@s">'.$columns[$j].'</div>';

Pick your choice and try what works best for your purposes.

Thank you


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