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Avatar sascha Yootheme asked

[Official] YOOtheme Pro 1.6 Discussion

We just released YOOtheme Pro 1.6 with some great new features:

  • Support for the default system WYSIWYG editor
  • New table element
  • New countdown element
  • New option to anonymize IPs for Google Analytics
  • and much more ...

Here is the blog post to learn more about it.

This thread is dedicated to discuss the new features and report any issues regarding this update.

Confirmed Issues

  • Page builder won't save in WordPress (Discussion) => Fixed in 1.6.1

How to report issues here

Always create an new question for your issue. Then post an answer here with a short description and a link to the thread with your issue.

@hamlin.gordon and @stefano.ulivieri Please follow the guide line above

Not 1.6 related

@thomas.koenig.26 Support for 3rd party buttons has very low priority on our todo list at the moment

@michael.anlauf Lightbox in Pro: It's currently planned for Pro 1.8, but no promise.

@michael.anlauf Page Cache Plugin: Lets hope, it will be fixed with the next Joomla release :-)

@michael.anlauf There is no Pro issue with the WYSIWYG editor. It works just like the editor in Joomla works by default. Which tags and attributes are stripped, can be configured. For UIkit try all attributes with the data-uk- prefix. If you don't want to use the WYSIWYG editor, just select CodeMirror in the global editor settings of your user and only the code editor should show up in Pro.

@thomas.koenig.26 If you want to discuss the table or gallery element open new support threads, but it's not 1.6 related.

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Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

[Closed] All YOOtheme 1.6 specific issues are solved.

Please open new support threads for further issues and don't post more questions here.



Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

Thank's, looks good so far. I like the countdown element. Should be with an option to hide or unpublish the element when it reached the end.
How ever, congratulation.



Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

WYSIWYG editor strips code

Quote from your blog:
"That's why you can switch between the WYSIWYG editor and code view."

I mean you are familiar with the problem so long YOOtheme exist i guess.
I am sure clients was told thousand times to use code mirror for a reason.
Now you added an editor with exactly the same problem.

Even the text in a Headline element is now surrounded by an paragraph.
(Headline problem fixed in 1.6.1)

Support question.

Similar problem also here.

Thanks Sascha.



Avatar ali.magomadov answered

У меня проблема на v-1.6.2 Видео на 1.5.2 не было проблем таких

I have a problem on v-1.6.2 Video On 1.5.2 there were no problems with such


Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

@ali.magomadov i can confirm the issue.

Update: I can open the builder when i use the button in the article but not in YOOtheme Pro navigating in the builder.

The related page is now blank.
Seams there is a problem when the System - Page Cache plugin is activated!

Regards, Michael tucfoto
Slideshow design



Avatar maxip4 answered

Great improvements!!! The editor is fantastic!!!


Avatar hamlin.gordon answered

After testing 1.6 I'm getting the following errors
1. the countdown timer is not working when configure with any date that go over 99 days
2. any page with the countdown timer breaks the social buttons



Avatar stefano.ulivieri answered

wordpress 4.7.4
all plugins disabled
Safari (ok on Chrome, Firefox and Opera)

Update yoopro from 1.5.7 to 1.6.0 (persist on 1.6.1)

There's No Builder on Safari
Discussion here



Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

@sascha CodeMirror was default editor in the first place. I never use the WYSIWYG editor.
The WYSIWYG editor shows up in the YOOtheme Pro builder anyway. Only deactivating the plugin prevents from showing up in the builder. (deactivation error fixed in 1.6.2)

As florian confirmed adding valid tags in the editor doesn't work satisfying.
How ever, you know quit well that TinyMCE was always a problem for YOOtheme themes and now you implemented this source of problems into the builder. I mean I welcome a editor for my clients but please without stripping the code.

Interesting detail: The editor prevent a customer from seeing the code you added to the demo.
I wonder how you will manage it in the future when people starting with the demos and the content is striped.
I know it's not YOOtheme Pro theme but I am sure you understand the problem.



Avatar pascal.kemper answered

Thanks a lot for your update yesterday >>> Backwards compatibility for elder PHP-Versions!

On Joomla 3.7, PHP 7.1.4 your PRO Template works fast and reliable >>> tested.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your combination of Widgetkit and Template is outstanding.


Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

There is an error in the switcher element when you use thumbs at the bottom.
Support question is here.
YOOtheme 1.6.4

Update 1.6.5
Well guys, that was close. The thumbs appear now but the blind text is still there. Content is deactivated!



Avatar vogdux answered

I completely agree


Avatar thomas.koenig.26 answered

Sorry yootheme, but the table element is absolutely useless.
I can only use the preset columns.
If i want build a simple table with 6 columns and only text fields it is not possible.
I think the most tables are NOT just title, meta, content, image and link.
The element is absolutely useless for 99 percent of all tables because of of insufficient flexibility.

Also not usable is the gallery element.
Why did you build the element without a lightbox?
The element is good, but without lightbox?

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