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Avatar wirecreative asked

Page Builder & Joomla 3.7

So far one of the biggest weaknesses of Page Builder is its lack of interaction with Joomla's core features. Now that Joomla 3.7 includes Fields, there is great potential for Page Builder to become a powerful layout editor, but it doesn't seem compatible at all.

I just did a test to see if I could get Article Fields to appear in a Page Builder layout. I filled out a number of custom fields for an article, saved my article, and then opened the article in Page Builder. As usual, Page Builder opened as an empty layout (it should, IMO, at least start with the existing article code as a block of HTML as well as a block for the article image).

I created a layout in Page Builder, but instead of putting content in some of the layout elements, I used {field} tokens and saved it. Sadly, the field tokens did not pull in the field data. Even worse, however, I discovered that by customizing the article using page builder, all of my field data had been completely wiped out.

Imagine how great it would be to be able to build a complex layout with Page Builder that, once applied to an article, dynamically pulls the field data into the blocks! I hope that's in the cards rather than Page Builder continuing to exist as a disconnected and sometimes cumbersome appendage that disregards Joomla's native functionality.

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Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

We agree, there can be a lot of cool things be done with the custom fields. We will soon (this Summer) take a closer look and also plan the next step for ZOO and Widgetkit. It's all on our todo list :-)

We need to finish some other core features first, like the style library and module builder. See Roadmap


Avatar eyespacedigital answered

This is a brilliant post, and the it really is the missing link for yootheme pro.
I was really hoping this would work out of the box for J3.7 at least to pull through data from fields as it does on widget kit.

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