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Avatar john.b asked

Glitchy behavior with "Sticky on scroll-up" selected.

When I have "Sticky on scroll up" set for my header/navbar, everything works great until I scroll back to the very top of the page. At that point, the menu quickly and redundantly disappears and reappears again, creating a subtle glitch-effect that makes it look like something is broken. How do I disable this behavior? (It seems to have started sometime around Yootheme Pro 1.6.0+, but I can't be certain.)

You can witness this behavior on the Horizon demo. It's much more pronounced than in this demo when the section following the navbar is of a contrasting color or image.

YooTheme Pro: 1.6.4
Wordpress: 4.7.4

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2 Answers


Avatar artur Yootheme answered


thanks for reporting. We'll investigate it.



Avatar houston.digital answered

Indeed, if yootheme see this post I'm sure they will fix it in an update

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