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Avatar kennst asked

Problem using Yootheme PRO on IE 11


I have problem using Yootheme PRO on Internet Explorer 11. When using dropdowns in the website builder, nothing is showing and there is no options to choose.

Is Yootheme PRO compatible with IE 11?


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3 Answers


Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

Thanks for reporting! Fixed in 1.10.3. Please update. Is it working?



Avatar patrick.schweizer answered

If I have a look in Analytics it's definitley NOT an option to ignore that Browser.

And Yootheme says on the Homepage:

Cross-Browser Support The themes work great with all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera** and Internet Explorer 10+**.


Avatar johann.i.weger answered

I'm having major issues with IE 11 as well on latest Pro with Joomla 3.8.2.

URL: http://nlcevents.com/

Our business still mainly uses IE11 and not rendering in IE11 is a show stopper. As a large organization switching everyone to Chrome or Firefox is a much bigger undertaking then building a new website in a different tool. It worked well until the latest upgrade of Joomla and Pro 1.10.0 .

Is there a fix for these issues? Menu not rendering properly, grids not rendering properly, and so on.

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