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Avatar michelle.craven asked

404 Errors in Zoo

Just wondering if anybody had any idea????

Just recently we're experiencing lots of problems when submitting files to Zoo. I submit using the front-end form, and when I press submit, I get a 404 error, taking me to a URL of http://maths.st-chads.co.uk/index.php?Itemid=101 - Strange, considering the item ID in question is 338!?

I've put error reporting on Maximum and I'm having none reported.

I've tried reinstalling Zoo over the top to not effect.

Could somebody please have a look and see what I'm missing? Details to log in are in the hidden information.



If you go to http://maths.st-chads.co.uk/ and sign in with the details in the hidden section, and under the user menu click submit a file.


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1 Answer


Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered


can you please provide the link to the upload form. I had a look at the website but was not able to find the upload form in question.

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