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Avatar philipp Yootheme answered


we are following the changes of the AMP project with interest, but at the moment it is not planed to enable AMP within our templates since there are still mayor changes going on. That is also the reason why we can't tell when it will be available within out templates at the moment, but we will let you know as soon as this feature will be planned :)

Kind Regards


Avatar futuron answered

Actually it's not too difficult to implement AMP with Yootheme Pro, using a plugin like wbAMP (https://weeblr.com) IF there was a way to keep the builder to save the text content to the intro part of the article every time you make a change on a page (using the builder).

As far as I can tell, this content does not serve any purpose (deleting it does not change anything on the page) while on the other it is perfectly rendered by the AMP plugin (and the content set up with the builder is ignored by AMP).

So if we could keep a separate content on the intro of the article (for AMP) and the full text (for the builder), it would be easy to build nice AMP pages.

What do you think?

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