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Avatar paul.fenton asked

Can I have my money back for the Zoo licence!

Hi, I have written the above heading with a plead and hope that someone will notice it. I have recently bought from you widgetkit, a theme and now Zoo. I have 4 unanswered questions open aganist zoo some of which have been open for a long time. From the Zoo forum I don't seem to be the only one. There are a number of other people who are in the same predicament. At 100 dollars or whatever I paid this is disappointing. I can only assume that you are retiring this product and no longer supporting it. If this is the case I feel it is only fair to let everyone know and not take their money. So what's the situation?

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2 Answers


Avatar lucas Support answered

we'll answer your questions but if you really wish a refund, please send a e-mail with all the information to ~> info@yootheme.com.


Avatar paul.fenton answered

Lucas thanks for coming back to me. In the four days that have passed the situation is still as follows:

a) non of my questions have been responded too. Some 3 weeks old now.
b) I am still non the wiser with respect to your Zoo product and what your intentions are with it

Much appreciated. Paul

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