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Avatar chris.gilroy asked

New PRO Showcase(s), 7-year YooTheme Member

These are the two PRO projects I've been working on. I've been a yootheme member since 2007 (quite a few firefly and enterprise templates back in the day).


  • Galaxy Home Theater. (replacing a yootheme / joomla site from 2011). Parallax, RSForm, etc. Custom layered background video with ken burns image, parallax blur and overlayed content. Custom animation on scroll-down arrow.


  • Mooala. Just produced a parallax site with Joomla / UIKit2 last summer. Replacing it with UIKit3 (PRO) with Zoo, GEO Search Radius (I absolutely do not vouch for this developer, one of the worst FYI, but I got it working myself). Custom Zoo layouts for Business Directory, Custom zoo layouts for Cookbook App & Submissions. Parallax animations in zoo layouts, using uk-grid instead of aligned media position.

NEW PRO/UIKit3 in production
Live complete site from last summer UIKit2

  • Showcase
  • YOOtheme Pro

5 Answers


Avatar kayhan Support answered

Very nice showcases! Thanks for sharing this.




Avatar kayhan Support answered

Could have been a temporary glitch. i don't see any javascript errors.


Avatar chris.gilroy answered


That's odd. The Galaxy staging site just uses yootheme products and the PRO page builder - there aren't any custom scripts. On the homepage, there's an iframe video from youtube, and some custom CSS - aside from that it's a pretty simple straight-up site with just simple content. I believe all compression is currently off during production, but it is a little concerning that you're experiencing performance issues. RSForm is in use on the Contact page - aside from that absolutely everything in the site is made with either WidgetKit or PageBuilder.

Do you think they're coming from WidgetKit, or the PRO Page Builder content? There's really no other source, it's all yootheme.


Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

The errors are Youtube related. Just use the developer tool of your browser to check it out.

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