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Avatar niall.sheehan asked

Issues with Google Font YooTheme Pro v.1.8

Just updated a site to the latest and after some issues with builder loading the Style options, I can not get any google fonts to display.

No errors in the Console, I have tried many Google font options, none work. Have tried the standard web fonts, all work no issues with these.

Currently all options in Builder - Style that reference font are set to Default System Font, after 30 minutes of searching I can't find a Default System Font setting, or google font options. Where do you set the Default Global Font??

I have tested with FF, Chrome, Edge and IE11, same result, google fonts are not displayed.

Anyone else seeing this issue?


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9 Answers


Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

It's fixed in 1.8.1. Please update and let us know if it is working now.



Avatar niall.sheehan answered

Saacha that did fix the issue which was the google font name incorrectly having quotes when defined in CSS.

For the update to work you will need to install the update, and open Builder, select Style and wait a few seconds. Once this was done the fonts appear to be loading again.




Avatar daegan.stafford.crews answered

this is not fixed for me. using 1.9.1 I cannot load any google font. looking at the imported css, there is no include of the new font.


Avatar jacob.whitaker answered

I'm still seeing this issue as well. @yootipografika's workaround worked for me.


Avatar niall.sheehan answered

By adding the google link to the index.php header, the fonts load...
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=GOOGLE_FONT_FAMILY_NAME" rel="stylesheet">

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