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Avatar kino asked

highlight problem

I have a problem using search module : when you write a sentence to search and press "enter" (without waiting the answers) you go on a search result page that display this :

<span class="highlight">sentence</span> - title of the article;

how can I remove <span class="highlight">sentence</span> please ?


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8 Answers


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Update The highlight styling in the title for Standard Search shall be fixed in an upcoming release. I don't have an ETA for this, though.


Avatar torben.wahl answered


Havin the same problem. The problem is already documented on GitHub Joomla/cms. Seems to be a problem of the WARP Framework:

Anyway until there is a fix in WARP available you can use the workaround provided here:


The latest Warp release v7.3.34 does solve the issue, please update your template.

Best regards,



Avatar ddv.drift.web.ddv.drift.web answered

I have the same problem in my old templates; Cloud, Lykke og Monday. Would there be any fix for these ones? Cloud is running warp 6.4, the others 7.3


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Hi kino,

did you try as suggested by torben.wahl? Did it work for you?

Kind regards


Avatar stephan.herby answered

Hi, actually the update WARP 7.3.34 don't really fix the issue as highlight span isn't used anymore, just hidden or erased... Like suggested in the github above (torben.wahl) .
I like Highlight span as it help user to see where the result of his search appears.
I'm waiting for the fix in warp showing highlight span back :-)


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Sorry for the late reply. You are correct that if you are using the default search, the highlight is simply stripped. But if you are using the Smart Search, it should work (at least it did with the Salt theme I just tested).

To use the module Smart search instead of Search, you once need to activate the plugin Content - Smart Search, then go to Components->Smart Search and lick on Index to make it ready. Then you can use this module type. It should correcty highlight the search results and not show the tags.



Avatar lumiga answered


I have a the template micasa (Warp 6)
When try to use this fix: https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms/issues/16979
My file is not the same as aspected. I see this code in my default_results.php file:

* @package   yoo_micasa  
* @author    YOOtheme http://www.yootheme.com  
* @copyright Copyright (C) YOOtheme GmbH  
* @license   http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html GNU/GPL  

// include config and layout  
$base = dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)));  
include($warp['path']->path('layouts:'.preg_replace('/'.preg_quote($base, '/').'/', '', __FILE__, 1)));

So how can we fix this issue with older yootheme templates?

Hope somebody can help me.

Kind regards,

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