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4 Answers


Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

You can give each parent menu item a class and then add

.my-class .uk-navbar-dropdown, .my-class .navbar .nav > li > .dropdown-menu {   

to custom code / css. Change class and color to your needs.

Regards, Michael tucfoto
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Avatar mennier.eric answered

Thanks for your answer.
I already try this option but i have a problem because, i add my class in the submenu and not in level 1.
It's perfect, i just add this line :
and it'is ok.


Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

You're welcome! I would use a more logical class name. How ever, please mark my above answer with ✔ to close the question.


Avatar mariliza.ticsay answered

Hi, Michael!

I also tried your suggestions. I added some CSS class to the parent (level 1) menu but it doesn't show up in the dropdown. The dropdown classes are just the same after saving and refreshing the page, like the following:

uk-navbar-dropdown uk-navbar-dropdown-dropbar uk-open uk-navbar-dropdown-boundary uk-navbar-dropdown-bottom-center

Am I missing something? Did I do it in a wrong way? I actually put the CSS class to this field called "Link CSS Style" in the menu manager of Joomla.

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