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2 Answers


Avatar chris.gilroy answered

Hi, Martina,

I just posted an additional answer to your Zoo question, but it looks like Michael responded to both. Remember that they're 'support' is mostly community driven. I've been a customer since 2007 and I usually get a response within a couple days. Probably 50% of the responses leave me without a solution (i.g., you have a js conflict), but they do respond.


Avatar zorroson answered


Not trying to further ignite a fire here, but when buying a subscription Yootheme state that "Technical support" is one of the things you get for your money - so if that's not the case, i'm gonna be really f***ed being a newbie with Zoo, and trying to get all the pieces in place.

I sincerely hope you both are wrong, saying you have been ignored like this...

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