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Avatar kevin.koeleman asked

Does Yootheme have plans voor AMP integration?

Wondering, because it's very usefull and necessary since 2-3 months.

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5 Answers


Avatar kevin.koeleman answered

You mean there are no plans yet and this will not be fixed soon.


Avatar erik Yootheme answered

Hi again,

hehe, no this is actually not what I meant. We collect user feedback and then decide which features will be added next by evaluating how important they are to our customers and our development roadmap, how much time it will take to implement them and many other factors.

We put a lot of thought in deciding which feature is how important, and if we decide something is wanted by many people, fast to implement and indeed important it might actually result in the feature getting implemented quite soon. But please understand that we have to evaluate all of this and that we are a very small team and just can't do everything simultaneously. :)




Avatar kevin.koeleman answered

Haha. I understand. But some things/developments should be on your list without input from the community.

AMP is a 'must' and should have a high priority.


Avatar futuron answered

Actually it's not too difficult to implement AMP with Yootheme Pro, using a plugin like wbAMP (https://weeblr.com) IF there was a way to keep the builder to save the text content to the intro part of the article every time you make a change on a page (using the builder).

As far as I can tell, this content does not serve any purpose (deleting it does not change anything on the page) while on the other it is perfectly rendered by the AMP plugin (and the content set up with the builder is ignored by AMP).

So if we could keep a separate content on the intro of the article (for AMP) and the full text (for the builder), it would be easy to build nice AMP pages.

What do you think?

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