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Avatar viktor.horst.17 asked

Make ZOO Multilingual

I have heard that there will be a ZOO 4 in the last quarter of this year.

I have a feature request. Make ZOO multilingual.

And in such a way that it even works on the Joomla core search level. I now have websites that use ZOO, because I simply love the flexibility of it. But when I have to make a multilingual website I always have a lot of issues.

Some of the issues can be solved with ZOOlingual from Zoolanders, but definitely not everything. And besides that, I think it should be a part of the ZOO core.

For instance the search problem. I don't want to see the Dutch results, when I search on the English part of the website and vice versa. With the Joomla articles that is possible.

Best regards,
Viktor Horst

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1 Answer


Avatar florin answered

Fully agree with this! It is also one of my biggest wishes for ZOO 4!

Best regards

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