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Avatar rikard.jespersen asked

I can't use other values than auto for height and width in Widgetkit

I'm using widgetkit (Grid) to view some news articles on my website front page. This works very well when I have set width and height as "auto" for "media" but I want to make sure that the width is always the same so I entered 300 in the "width" and had "auto" in the "height". When I did this all the images dissapoeared on the front end. When I checked in firebug I saw that the URL was like this:

Does anyone have an idea on what might be wrong?

My system:
Joomla 3.7.5
Widgetkit: 2.9.11
Template: Chester 1.0.3
Warp: 7.3.34
webserver: nginx
php: 7.1

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2 Answers


Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered


please check if you have the GD library enabled in your php installation.
The GD library is used to resize the images to the given dimensions, if it is not available it will fail.

If there are still issues, please provide a link along with login credentials in the hidden information. We can then investigate the issue.

Unfortunately the user is not activated and i can not login.
When checking the route that should create the resized image the error that appears is: Insufficient User Rights.

Please check that the directory media/widgetkit is writable, this is where the resized images will be cached.

I checked the image url again when i'm logged in to the frontend and the server responses with the backend widgetkit administration page. This should return the resized image.
Do you have any additional rewrite rules defined in your nginx configuration?




Avatar rikard.jespersen answered

I have indeed GD installed and enabled. Updated to the latest version today.
I have updated the original post with requested information.

I have checked the login, it had been automatically disabled (security measure) I have enabled it again so you should be able to logon now. I have tested it myself 1 minute ago.

The rights for the "media/widgetkit" is "0755" and it is owned by the Joomla user account.

I have tested to upload images to this folder from within Joomla and it works (using JCE Editor with Root access, which I have disabled now for security reasons)

I have checked my rewrite rules and I don't find any that should interfere with this. The rules I have are just to deny access to configuration.php, htaccess and make sure that "https" and "www" is used instead of "http"

On top of that I also have some rules that disallow certain sets of queries but if the disallowed queries are used the result would be a 403 error page.

I have checked even further and I can access files in the media/widgetkit folder if I place them there myself. I have also checked this folder after I have set a specific size for height or width but no thumbnails are generated in the media/widgetkit folder.

Best regards,


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