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Avatar ray.lawlor asked

Should UIkit and Yootheme Pro have a built in tertiary colour?

Hi Yooguys,

I've been using Uikit since the start and I love Yootheme Pro and UIkit3.

When building with Yootheme Pro I've hit against a wall with a tertiary colour option.

I feel it would be a big step forward to use a tertiary colour as a built in option for themes.

Is there any plans for this, or are there any reasons (technical or otherwise) why a tertiary block is not included with the themes?

(By the way, I'm a highly experience coder - I know how to add a tertiary colour block in the code etc so I'm not looking for that answer!) :)

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6 Answers


Avatar brad.kaiser.43 answered

I would love to either see a tertiary color, or a dedicated "Dark."

In practice, I would usually see it like this:

default = white/light
muted = grey/transparent
primary = the primary brand color

Now we're left with only secondary.

Secondary often seems to end up as the "Dark" color, which is valuable, for example, setting off the footer from the rest of the site, just like on this very page. But it's valuable to have a neutral dark for other blocks/sections.

Kayhan – for your question as to where to stop...
My answer would be –
• default
• muted
• dark
• primary
• secondary
• tertiary

That would be two more, but even just one more so that we could have a "Dark" AND a second actual color, would be super useful.


Avatar kayhan Support Online answered

Just to clarify, I am not arguing against your feature request. I would even vote for it. Obviously one color more is always better (but on the other hand, where to stop ...).

I guess if you hadn't mentioned "big step forward" ...


Avatar kayhan Support Online answered

but I don't think they can be counted as extra colours for the theme.

Why not? Morgan has this css for example:

.uk-section-muted {    
    background: #f2f2f2;    

.uk-section-primary {    
    background: #b7a088;    

Avatar ray.lawlor answered

Thank you for your answer.

Section default and muted are really useful obviously, but I don't think they can be counted as extra colours for the theme.

Ok, maybe not a "big step" forward, but it would open up a lot of theming possibilities, like varying sidebar block colours and varying footer blocks etc.


Avatar kayhan Support Online answered

Obviously that's the n+1 question. Where do you stop :-)

But do you have an example why this would be "big step" forward (compared to having a uikit datepicker, slideshow, content providers, ...)

Currently there are already "four colors". Here an example for a section

uk-section uk-primary  
uk-section uk-secondary  
uk-section uk-muted

As you said, colors could be added/changed easily via css?

Having said that, please add your feature request to the road map question https://yootheme.com/support/question/103519

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