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Avatar adam.green asked

How do I make a jump to next id when scrolling down?

I have some anchors on my homepage to which I jump using a side navigation, BUT i'd also like to make normal wheel scroll jump to the top of those sections when scroll is initiated.
like here

I should now mention that I don't know js. How do I do that?


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4 Answers


Avatar adam.green answered

ok, not possible by default. How would I implement it?
Would it be sufficient to add the js file to my custom style folder js, include it in the template_condfig.php and then call the functions?
If so, where do I call the functions?

Thank you so much for your help!


Avatar adam.green answered

Can anyone with some Js knowledge help a bit?
Thank you!


Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

Sorry, that's out of the support area. In case you don't have the skills I advice hiring someone.

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