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Avatar thomas.p Support answered

where i can find recompile function in new yootheme defoult template?

There is no button to recompile LESS anymore. Changing anything in the Style section of the YOOtheme Pro will re-compile the LESS/CSS files automatically.


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Hi giulio.maria.cappellano,

"website size changed on las update" is not a very precise description of your problem, but if your site was full width and now is showing left aligned with some empty space on the right side, please try the following steps:

  • re-compile the LESS/CSS files (changing anything in the Syle section of the YOOtheme Pro will re-compile the LESS/CSS files)
  • clear the cache in the Advanced settings of YOOtheme Pro
  • clear your Joomla cache
  • clear your browser cache

If the problem persists, please let me know. Also verify the credentials you provided are correct as I could not login.

Kind regards


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Can you please add valid login credentials so that I can have a first hand look?


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

did you checked?

For the third time, please revise the login credentials provided. I cannot login to check your site. The only thing I see is the login form which looks fine.

Thank you


Avatar tomas.kulhanek answered

I had this issue too, but cache clear in the Builder settings and in Joomla CMS fixed this.


Avatar ptlapse answered

Hi. Same here. A few days ago I update template and it goes left align. Not full width, like it was before.
I ask help but you guys, you dont have to login on our webpage. You must provide a solution, because we pay for this! Thank you.

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