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Avatar olileton asked

Site moved to left


Since update my website was moved to the left ... and footer is no more visible only laptop ...


Any idea ?


PS : I've edited my CSS Files and now it's OK thks ;-)

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5 Answers


Avatar anna.robinson answered

This left alignment happened to all my sites with YOOtheme Pro 1.9.9 update as well. I just opened the layout > site in the Builder and toggled from Full width to Boxed, then back to Full width again and saved. This solved it for me.



Avatar vladimir.eliseev answered

if your site was full width and now is showing left aligned with some empty space on the right side, please try the following steps:

re-compile the LESS/CSS files (changing anything in the Syle section of the YOOtheme Pro will re-compile the LESS/CSS files)  
clear the cache in the Advanced settings of YOOtheme Pro  
clear your Joomla cache  
clear your browser cache  

Avatar patrick.franken answered

re-compile the LESS/CSS files (changing anything in the Syle section of the YOOtheme Pro will re-compile the LESS/CSS files)

how exactly does that work? I open the less file of my theme and just change a thing, save and that's it? I've tried to do so but nothing changed. I also checked if changing anything in the style section of the builder would lead to any effects. No results, too.

I've also tried to do the workaround anna mentoined. Same here, too. Nothing changes.
Emptied Cache in Joomla, in Browser, tried several different browsers also, in builder...

Also that footer thing happened to my site as well. It's not displayed in desktop mode. Mobile is all fine.

Has anyone got another idea here?
Edit: site is https://www.syntaxsuppe.de if that helps.
(the footer at the bottom is a module which I added after the "real" footer was gone)




Avatar patrick.franken answered

C&P from my answer in another thread:

Oh... I guess I've just solved this for myself.
I was browsing through all my settings in the builder and I found some custom lines in the custom CSS/LESS section (open Builder - Settings - Custom Code - scroll down) which I had added before using a child theme because on every update the background images changes to default. I deleted these lines and the site works all fine again.
Sometimes it's just not the developers :D

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