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Avatar ericmuc asked

Best way to have a mega menu at the moment

I found https://joomlaprox.com/product/maxi-menu-ck-uikit-override-theme in the internet, but it didn't worked for me, because I am using the UIkit-Template with Yootheme Pro. I tried to get it working with the support help of JoomlaproX but they had no time being bussy with other things and I waited about a week for a solution, which didn't come finally.

So I tried to design my own maxi menu ck (https://www.joomlack.fr/en/joomla-extensions/maximenu-ck) originally with the possibilities of this great component. It was a little bit of work, but finally I had exactly the same menu design as originally in the yootheme template and now I can change the columns and all design details on the fly.

So you could take this way. It is a one day work, but at the end you have a very good result.
Best regards

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