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Avatar alessio.mattiuzzo asked

YOOtheme Pro uk-scroll with the sticky navbar

In YOOtheme Pro I created a section with a sub-menu on the page and each menu item is linked to an anchor inside the page. Everything works well and clicking on the sub-menu item scrolls up to the anchor, but the primary menu (sticky) covers the anchor point, how can i lock the 30/40 pixel scroll before the anchor point?


  • UIkit
  • YOOtheme Pro

3 Answers


Avatar alessio.mattiuzzo answered

Thank you!
I created an html menu because in the sub-menu item you can not specify uk-scroll offset.


Avatar corinne.meister answered


Where in Yootheme Pro can i set e.g. "offset:70;"?

I use the Subnav Element and i need an offset 100 but i didnt found where i can set this.

Thank you

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