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Avatar nicolai asked

Import UIkit custom icons from childtheme


I have a full-fledged UIkit theme located in a childtheme's less-folder under themes/my-childtheme/less/my-theme/. So far so good I got it working by additionally having a themes/my-childtheme/less/my-theme.less file.

However the svg-icons within themes/my-childtheme/less/my-theme/icons/ are not getting picked up. When I add the UIkit compiled uikit-icons-my-theme(.min).js file to theme/yootheme/vendor/assets/uikit/dist/js/ it is being loaded and works. But putting it into themes/my-childtheme/js/ does not work.

Is there a way to either automatically detect the icons-folder within the less folder within my childtheme and compile it properly or to load the uikit-icons-my-theme(.min).js from themes/my-childtheme/js/ folder.

If no, could you please add this feature? As far as I know your programming style, second option should be a one-liner ;)

At the very end, I would be the most happy, if YOOtheme Pro's childt hemes would 100% support UIkit's custom themes feature. Just drop your custom theme folder into your child theme's less folder and you're good.



Thanks Jan for your response. I am looking forward for the next release!

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1 Answer


Avatar jan Yootheme answered

Hi nicolai :-)

the part with "loading custom icons from the child theme", that'll be fixed with the next release. Thanks!

The second request is more difficult, as it would involve calling Node.js from PHP. We are aware of the issue in general and are thinking about solving this differently.

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