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Avatar martina.misar.tummeltshammer.95 asked

ZOO categories as a module on the homepage


I am updating a clients old website to the new joomla system. It was using zoo and a yootheme - so should also the new one (Fuse).

I would like to place an overview with product catgories in a nice way on the homepage of a website. Just like this:
https://goeth.pixelwiese.at/index.php/produkte (No Category photos applied yet)

Is this possible to do it with a module?

All I can achieve is a list like this here: https://goeth.pixelwiese.at/

Could you please give me a hint? E.g. where to find information on this in your documentation ;)

Thank you in advane

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4 Answers


Avatar martina.misar.tummeltshammer.95 answered


I'm sorry - I activated htaccess yesterday night.

And no - I could not find anything that would fit.

Thank you in advance - Martina



Avatar erik Yootheme answered

Hi martina.misar.tummeltshammer.95!

Just like Ray I can't access your links due to the login, but from what I get there are two different ways to solve your problem:

  1. In ZOO there is a ZOO category module that you could publish on your frontpage using the J!Module element in the Page Builder of YOOtheme Pro. Just add the J!Module element with the Pro Page Builder where you want the module to be displayed and select the ZOO category module.

  2. You could use a Widgetkit grid with ZOO as source. The advantage here would be the additional styling options available.



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