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Avatar no64 asked

YOOtheme PRO: ZOO category module

Is it possible to display the frontpage of a single ZOO category in a YOOtheme section?

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2 Answers


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Hi no64,

no, this isn't possible at the moment. There is no ZOO module that outputs the ZOO frontpage. There is only a ZOO item module listing items of a category that can be used in the Page Builder of YOOtheme Pro via the J! Module element.

Kind regards


Avatar no64 answered

... ok, then I have to try do make a custom module somehow... would be enough just to display the "frontpage items / teaser items" not all the categories, etc.
Do you have any advice how to do that?
I had a look at several codeparts of the "Movie App", but couldn't find the right structure how the "Teaser Items" are rendered.

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