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Avatar andnovator asked

Widgetkit 2.9.12 Wrong images url in "Pick Media" browser in Joomla 3.x - wrong files home directory

Widgetkit 2.9.12 Wrong images url in "Pick Media" browser in Joomla 3.x - wrong files home directory

I'm using Widgetkit 2.9.12 with Joomla 3.8.1.

On my site images folder location is not default as "/images", I changed it to "/files" and "/files/images" for images (set in Joomla settings). And i have problem with widgetkit media browser.

I'm creating custom slideset widget. For choosing item media url I'm openning "Pick Media" browser. And none of the images previews is displayed, because previews has wrong url, for example "/images/images/logo.png" instead of "/files/images/logo.png" (screenshot of "empty" images previews in the "Pick Media": Image ). Also, when I choose needed image and press "Select", wrong media url is pasted into "Media" url <input>, for example, "images/images/logo.png", again, instead of "files/images/logo.png".

All my Joomla site configurations are correct (cache and tmp folders path), site folder has correct file permissions. JS console reports only about wrong media preview path ("Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://..../images/images/logo.png", obviously, <div> has inline style background-image: images/images/..., and this is wrong url).

So, it looks like widgetkit (because it's js script?) does not read Joomla's media manager settings and "set" home directory as "images" when generate folder preview or when paste choosen media url (but file browser in Pick Media works correctly).

Sorry, if my report is a duplicate.

P.s. - and sorry for my English.

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Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered


sorry you didn't receive an answer yet.

I can confirm the issue with custom image paths in Joomla.
We will look into this and fix it.

This issue will be fixed in the next Widgetkit release.
As a quick fix you could edit the file administrator/components/com_widgetkit/views/media.php, on the first line change

echo JComponentHelper::getParams('com_media')->get('image_path')


echo JComponentHelper::getParams('com_media')->get('file_path')

Now you should be able to see images again and the url should be correct again when picking an image.

Thanks for reporting and best regards,



Avatar andnovator answered

Now I updated to Widgetkit 2.9.13. As it was written in changelog, problem solved (I checked it). Thank you!

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